Thursday, September 26, 2013

Laura Dickson for State Representative

Karen Boback won't have a free ride in 2014.

From the inbox:

Wyoming County Auditor Laura Dickson announced her candidacy for Pennsylvania State Representative in the 117th District.

 “I decided to run based on the conversations I've had with people across the district and their dissatisfaction with our current representation in Harrisburg”.

 Dickson, who has served as county auditor since 2010, has pushed for greater fiscal accountability within Wyoming County government. As auditor, she has been responsible for the overall annual review of the county's multi-million dollar budget. “We need to make sure that every penny is being spent properly, especially when so many municipal and county budgets are shrinking. We need to balance the needs of our citizens with the financial resources available to us.”

 Dickson stated that her focus as state representative would be on promoting economic development through education, infrastructure rehabilitation, and development of new industries.

 “If we can coordinate our education system with the needs of potential employers, we can create hundreds, if not thousands, of new jobs in this district. We need a representative that will work every day to achieve that goal”.

 Laura Dickson has served on the Executive Board of the Pennsylvania State Association Of County Auditors since 2012. She recently worked as a divisional vice president at NCS, an institutional pharmacy company. While at NCS, she owned and operated her own fitness center business. She has served as the chairperson of Youth and Ministry and as chairperson of Special Programs and Events at East Lemon United Methodist Church where she has been a member since 2000. Additionally, she volunteers at the Seven Loaves Soup Kitchen, Tyler Hospital and the Wyoming County Kiwanis.

 She met her husband Jim while attending Keystone College. They have been married for 34 years and have one daughter, Sharon. 

 Check out her website

Laura Dickson For State Representative

 and her Facebook campaign page


Andrew Seder covered her announcement in the TL


Wyoming County auditor to challenge Boback in 117th District



Forrest Gump said...

I read the press release and even checked out her website. Is she a Democrat or Republican? I don't believe her party affiliation is mentioned anywhere. I am ashamed of both parties at this point with their non-action in Washington, D.C. but you would think that is the first thing she would mention. And how about that Ted Cruz speech yesterday. What did he accomplish? Maybe a sore throat. Sounded like a fool to me, but it was nice to hear "Green Eggs and Ham" again.

Gort said...

She is a Dem