Thursday, September 26, 2013

Katy McGinty for Governor

I get a lot of unsolicited emails from candidates but this is the first one from a PA Governor hopeful.That tells me she has a really good campaign staff that understands the value of digital media.In other words,  she has a couple of geeks helping out.

As a candidate for governor, I would like to share with you my ideas on how we can build a better Pennsylvania.

Under Governor Corbett, Pennsylvania is 46th in job growth. Education cuts have hurt our schools. College costs are soaring. Healthcare is too expensive. Environmental laws have been weakened, while the Governor’s polices have attacked women’s health and privacy.

We can do better.

I am running for governor to create jobs and improve the lives of Pennsylvania families. Learn more about my campaign for governor at

I grew up the ninth of 10 children to a hard-working Philadelphia police officer and a restaurant hostess. Worked my way through college and law school. Served as Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality under President Clinton and Vice President Gore.

I was the first woman to head the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, where I helped attract clean energy companies to our state, a billion dollars in new investment, and helped create 3,000 jobs. As a business executive in the private sector, I have championed clean energy and clean water projects.

I believe Pennsylvania should be a leading state, not a lagging one.

With an unparalleled work force, abundant natural resources, and world class universities, Pennsylvania should be driving the renaissance of manufacturing in the United States. We should be leading in life sciences and biotechnology. Our farmers should be competing for new markets around the world. And, we should be creating clean energy jobs by developing Pennsylvania’s energy resources, while protecting our air and water.

As the mother of three daughters, I know Pennsylvania is only as strong as its families. It’s time for a governor who puts families first by making sure every worker earns a fair wage, every child gets a quality education, every qualified child can afford college, and every family has access to quality health care.

It will take all of us working together to make it happen. And it will take a new leader to get it all started. With more than 25 years experience as a government and business leader, who has created jobs and supported the development of new energy resources, while protecting our environment, I’m ready to get to work for all of Pennsylvania.

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Join our effort.
Together, let’s build a brighter future for all Pennsylvanians.
Katie McGinty

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