Saturday, September 28, 2013

Brad Koplinsky racks up the endosements

Most endorsements are good for a press release and not much else unless they bring in money or boots on the ground. That's why union endorsements are so important in the PA Dem primary.

Harisburg  City Councillor Brad Koplinski has few dozen friends.

Brad Koplinski Announces Another 86 Endorsements For His Campaign For Lt. Governor With 204 Total Democratic Statewide Endorsements from 54 Counties

Former State Treasurer and  Auditor General Barbara Hafer; Former Congressman Joe Hoeffel Tops List of Endorsers

Today, an additional 86 elected and Democratic Party officials throughout Pennsylvania, led by former Pennsylvania Treasurer and Auditor General Barbara Hafer and former U.S. Congressman Joe Hoeffel endorsed Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor.

The list of Democratic Party officials endorsing Koplinski now includes 25 Democratic County Chairs, 53 additional members of Democratic State Committee, 20 Countywide Elected Officials, 30 Mayors and dozens of municipal and former elected officials.

In giving his endorsement, York County Democratic Chair Bob Kefauver said, “I have known Brad for many years and know that Pennsylvania can trust him to do the right thing.  He is a pragmatic progressive and will make an excellent running mate to defeat Tom Corbett.”

Councilman Koplinski said upon the release of the list, ““I am proud and grateful for the support of these distinguished leaders of the Democratic Party.  I am especially honored to have the backing of Former Treasurer & Auditor General Hafer, Former Congressman Hoeffel and over one-third of the state’s County Democratic Chairs.  Our campaign for Lt. Governor is building strength every day and we will continue to work until we reach the goal of beating Tom Corbett in November 2014.”

The list of new endorsements is below – the full list can be found at www.Koplinski2014/endorsements

The Luzerne County list:
Frank Coughlin – Councilman, Borough of Plymouth
William Dixon – Councilman, Borough of Plymouth
Dan Hartman – Democratic State Committeeman
Dan Lello – Mayor, Borough of Dupont
Clif Madrack – Councilman, Borough of Plymouth
Keith Moss – Mayor, Duryea Borough
Rebecca Sammon – President, Pennsylvania Young Democrats & Democratic State Committeewoman


Anonymous said...

Anyone who Rebecca Sammon tells you to endorse, vote for anyone BUT that person. Cross Koplinski OFF of your list. That woman is a snake... she's probably only backing him because she's getting something in return for her support. She's a shady, self-important and conniving rat.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps because Sammon works for Koplinski? And Dan Hartman is her husband? And Keith Moss is her Uncle?