Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet the candidate

Join us for a party for Rick Williams' re-election campaign Rick Williams for Luzerne County Council 2013. He's running as an Independent.  Campaign Party at River Street Jazz Cafe - 667 North River St. - Wilkes-Barre, PA. No ticket sales or charge to attend. September 26th, 2013 - 5 PM till 7 PM.

Rick sent along this LTE:

Less than two years ago, the new Luzerne County Home Rule government began to change the way Luzerne County governs itself.  As I listen to residents throughout the county, I am often asked: "So what's really different, except now there are 11 council members instead of 3 commissioners?"

            When it comes to reforming the past practices of Luzerne County government, most people would like to see major changes happen quickly.  From my perspective as the only Independent on the County Council, important changes are happening, though not as quickly as we would like.  Changing government is not simple.  But progress is being made.

            County Council is now implementing sound fiscal and budget practices that have put us on a path to pay down our debt and budget our money wisely.

          We are modernizing, improving efficiencies and increasing transparency in county government.

           New systems are being put in place to improve services to citizens by raising performance expectations, while simultaneously treating county staff fairly and with respect. 

            Many dedicated citizens, not previously included in past political processes, are now serving on boards, authorities and commissions.

            And the Council is considering long term policies to improve the health, safety and economic development of our county to make Luzerne County an even better place to live, work, and visit.  

            I am running for a second term on Luzerne County Council to continue this work because I believe these changes are essential to achieving ethical, excellent and accountable county government….the level of service the people of Luzerne County expect and deserve.

           I hope citizens will consider the hard work that the Council has devoted to building a foundation for the future and will support me with a vote in the November 5th election.

Rick Williams


Forrest Gump said...

Let's see if Rick makes it Blogfest.

Anonymous said...

What BS. :-(

Anonymous said...

We increasing transparency in county government, Rick Said - The Office of Open Records in Harrisburg just sued you for no showing the public records that must be open to the public. Are you for real?