Saturday, September 14, 2013

Eillen Sorokas for Luzerne County Council

Eileen Sorokas with Mrs. G in the background

Eileen Sorokas had a nice turnout for her kickoff rally in her quest to win a seat on the Luzerne County Council at the Polish Club in beautiful downtown Hudson yesterday. When I walked in the door I thought I was in the wrong place as the first person I spotted was Luzerne County GOP Vice-Chair Lynette Villano. It was then explained that Eileen generously invited all county candidates regardless of party. She's a class act.

The other 4  Democratic Council nominees showed up. Incumbent Linda Houck and the Accountability Ticket of Michael Giamber, Richard (Kick Heffron)   and Renee Zita Ciaruffoli Taffera. They were joined by Republican candidates Kathy Dobash and Paul DeFabo.

Both Controller candidates worked the crowd. Michelle Bednar (D) has already knocked off a big name in the Primary (Urban) and is now facing another one  Carolee Medico-Olenginski (R).

Councilor Ed Brominski and LC Chair Tim McGinley greeted the crowd.

More Photos at this link.

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Forrest Gump. said...

I voted for Michael Giamber in the previous County Council election and will again. Not to sure on the rest of the Accountability Ticket though. And I do hope that Michelle Bednar has enough support to knock off Carolee. We can use some new blood in County offices.