Monday, January 23, 2006

The end of the West Wing

It's not like we didn't see this coming. The only network show that I watch has been cancelled. I didn't even watch it when it first came on but got hooked on the Bravo re-runs. The last couple of seasons it seemed to have lost it's way but this year it came back. Last night's episode about a nuclear disaster in California was taken from recent headlines put into a different context as another blogger pointed out:

I thought this season they found a stride again. Last night's episode was a straight-ahead parable about how Katrina SHOULD have been handled.

When the president was advised to put one person in charge of the disaster he replied "I have. You're looking at him." If only.

They are promising a great finish. From Newsday:

The series' presidential election will take place over two episodes on April 2 and 9, Wells said, but he would not reveal the outcome, decided only in the past few days. "We have passionate advocates for both candidates in the writers room, and it's been quite the brawl we've had," Wells said. Subsequent episodes, Wells added, will portray "the transition into the new government and the new presidency," as well as "spending time with the [original] characters figuring out what they're going to do and where they're going to go next." Former series star Rob Lowe has also been asked to return before the show ends.

For more coverage see the West Wing News Blog.

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James Aach said...

I would note that whatever it's virtues, the West Wing's presentation of a nuclear power accident was rather silly. For an entertaining look at how an accident might really proceed, see for a thriller on the topic by a longtime nuclear engineer. There's no cost to readers.