Wednesday, August 29, 2007

PA 10th CD update

Chris Carney has now attracted at least 5 Republican challengers.

Don Ely, a retired school teacher and minister from Northumberland County is the only one who has officially announced his candidacy for the nomination. Davis Haines of Tunkhannock is someone I've never heard of but he knows State Rep. Tina Pickett and showed up at her picnic. As predicted self described Homeland Security expert and statewide loser Joe Peters has been on the hustings. Greg Skrepenak's (D-Luzerne) buddy Christopher Hackett of One Source Staffing Solutions got some nice press in the Williamsport paper. He emphasized his opposition to illegal immigration, which is standard fare for a Republican, but that is dangerous territory for someone who runs a temp agency.

And the eventual nominee Dan Meuser had a nice interview with Townhall. He bobbed and weaved about Iraq and other foreign policy issues and takes a couple of swipes at Bush. He's against increasing taxes, promotes free trade but doesn't want to screw with Social Security.

I think Meuser will be the nominee because he has the most money, even if he gives some of it to Hillary and other Democrats. The GOP is going to be playing defense in 2008 and having a candidate like Don Sherwood that is willing to buy a seat in Congress will be a great help.


KAR said...

I read the interview, I didn't see any "bobbing and weaving", rather some direct answers to a difficult situation. I commend him for his straight forward answers, and I like what I read.

Glad to see that you agree that he will be the eventual candidate, and probably to your dismay, the next representative from the 10th Congressional District.

D.B. Echo said...

Off-topic...but I just can't get enough of that Cordaro commercial where he says "We have proponents (or is it 'perponents'?) who do not want to discuss the issues!" You tell 'em, dude! I think their sisters are all thespians, they're known to be homo sapiens, and they've all engaged in pedagogical activities!

Anonymous said...

I think Joe peters gets it he is more established. he is also Bill Scranton's bro in law or something so money will not be a problem for him

KAR said...

Dan Meuser is well established locally, as well as in Washington, he gets it, and they get him.

As a bonus, he doesn't have to rely on a "bro in law", he's his own man.

Anonymous said...

Meuser is certainly the front runner for the GOP and has experience in testifying before congress. Carney has no chance with this guy on his tail.

Scott said...

Meuser brings his own set of issues (the aforementioned donations...not just to Billary but to Charlie Rangel). Not an issue for Carney supporters, but a BIG issue for the conservatives (who are the ones who will be voting Carney out!)

Sorry KAR, Meuser will not (and is not) going over well with those I've talked to, and his "Washington insider" status is hurting, not helping.

Peters will be like Marino...out before he's in.

Hackett has a pretty strong resume (that's all I've seen at this point) and he's not beholden to anyone (especailly not the Washington Democrats).

Don't know about the other guys, so right now my moneys on Hackett.

Anonymous said...

Gort's right on the immigration issue for a temp business, but I've heard this guy Hackett talk about immigration and he seems to know what he's talking about. A lot of details on what needs to be done to fix it from an employer perspective.

But Dan Meuser's money will speak loudest in this district.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, none of these guys are appealling to local Republicans. I can't support any of these candidates at this point. Don't be surprised if Carney wins re-election do to a lack of enthusiasm behind these weak candidates. I can't believe these are the bums the party is drumming up.

KAR said...

The appeal of Meuser has for many is that he is not a "Washington Insider". He knows his way around the town, and is known and respected, but his perspective is one of a successful businessman, not a career politico.

He is hardly beholden to anyone, and weak is not a term I would use to describe him. He is a very dynamic, strong, articulate, and passionate conservative, as Carney, and his supporters will find out when he is shown the door by Meuser come Novemebr '08.

Anonymous said...

Bill- You are living in fantasy land- peters has no shot. Married three times- not going to fly in this district. You keep harping on this meuser guy for giving to billary. I checked the record- he did not give to billary but rather the company PAC did. PAC's are not controlled by one person. If this is the case then when Dave Maderia was President of the PA chiropractors association- they gave alot of money to Dems. I don't think Dave would have given that money but he did not control the PAC. Hackett's business is to go in and take good paying jobs and rehire people at lower wages and lower benefits. Unions will have a field day with him. Also he can say anything about immigration you want it is what you do not what you say. Aslo Hackett gave $5,000 to Dem greg skrepnak 2 weeks after he was awarded a 1.2 million contract with the county. Hackett only gave to Dems- $1,000 to republicans. He has money and he did not support the party or the cause. Hackett can't beat Carney- We need somebody who can. The only one I see is this guy Meuser. I read his answers to the questions that GORT referenced and he is conservative. This guy has money he gives to Republicans, he has contacts in DC, and he is conservative. We need to beat Carney. It won't be easy but his record will show how liberal he has been.

Anonymous said...

Scott- I'll take that bet. Hackett gave $5,000 to Dems and recheck your figures- Meuser $140,000 to conservatives (alot to Santorum) and $10,000 to Dems. NONE to Hillary. Hackett- $1,000 to Lisa Baker and $5,000 to Dem Gregg Skrepnak. The people that I speak to say Meuser is the guy- Hackett is losing support every day.

Anonymous said...

Well it seems pretty clear that Meusers paid blog team is working this site.

Allegations with no support doesn't make for a very good argument.

Regarding Peters, he has not been married three times - only twice. Regarding Hackett, who's support is he losing (Let us judge the importance of the names) and do you have confirmation on the $1.2MM contract from the county - specifically when it was issued and amount?

KAR said...

Paid blog team??? Damn, I'll have to talk to my agent, I'm not gettin' a nickel for posting.

Geez' unsupported allegations, that's new in politics,however county contracts are a matter of public record, even in Luzerne County.

So anonymous,if that's really your name, do a little research, see what you come up with, I'm betting you'll find a contract between Hackett's company and the county, and Hackett's donation of 5k to Skrepnak has never been disputed...can you say "quid pro quo"?

Anonymous said...

No allegations just facts- Look it up. Peters has been married three times and divorced twice- If I am wrong about this than I apologize to Joe and his wife. Look up the contract and the date of his donation at the courthouse. They are not on line. This is a confirmed fact that the county gave "One Source" this contract and hackett gave money right afterwards to Dem Gregg Skrepnak. Look it up. I don't like the fact that the people on this blog do not give people a chance but rather attack. Let us hear what the candidates stand for and then make our decision. If you are going to attack Mueser then this other guy Hackett must also face the music. By the way I have not made up my mind who to vote for but want it to be fair.

Gort said...

See my previous posts about One Source.

From the TL:

The returning retirees – there are 23 – must receive their old pay rate, so the county is paying OneSource Staffing Solutions that amount plus an additional 19 percent for clerical employees and 30 percent for road maintenance workers. OneSource receives a commission and uses the rest of the surcharge to cover employee-related costs such as workers’ compensation, unemployment tax and Federal Insurance Contributions Act payments.


Some of the names that gave big bucks to the incumbent Commissioners Greg Skrepenak and Todd Vonderheid (the Bond Brothers) jumped out at me:

Christopher Hackett, of One Source Staffing Solutions in Wilkes-Barre, $5,000

When the Bond Brothers came up with the Life Transition Plan to give a golden parachute to long time employees to get them to retire many of them were hired back to "ease the transition." They used a temp service. Guess which one.

goyankees69 said...

"So much for unsubstantiated allegations, seems to be clear"

KAR said...

Yeah, an "Inconvenient Truth", if ever I saw one.

Bill said...

Mueser perosnaly gave to Rengal for the 2008 cycle and to kanjo in 2002 when he ran against barletta these are facts.

also huge difference between Pride PAC and the Docotor's group. the former is basically ran by Dan and his brother(or someone else with his last name) while the latter is controlled by docotrs across the state

Scott said...

Thanks Bill, for bringing some level of honesty to the discussion. You can't really compare an statewide organizations PAC with a PAC started by a business with a board made up of family members...

And personal donations by Meuser(the max allowed by law from he and his wife)to Rangel(made in Feb of THIS YEAR by the way) doesn't sit well with me. If he's really concerned about the handicapped, he shouldn't be supporting people who may not allow them to be born in the first place.

Rangel, Charles (D NY 15)
100% NARAL VOTING RECORD 2000-2003
100% PP VOTING RECORD 1995-2001
07/15/03 Representative Rangel voted for HR 1950, which sought to allow funding for coerced abortions through the UNFPA

05/20/04 Representative Rangel voted in favor of HR 197, which sought to allow abortions on military instillations

02/26/04 House Roll Call No. 31, Representative Rangel voted against the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act."

10/02/03 House Roll Call No. 530, Representative Rangel voted against the "Partial Birth Abortion 'Ban'".

nuff said...

KAR said...

Wow, Scott, you must be a contortioist. Connecting donations made on behalf of a company that serves the interests of handicapped individuals to the Chair of the House Ways & Means Committee to abortion.

Puleeze, lets try to stay on topic.

Meuser has a resposibility to work with elected officials, from either side of the aisle, to ensure that Americans with disabilities are treatly fairly, and have access to the mobility products they need to live productive lives.

Additionally he has a responsibility to the 1,000 plus people employed by his company, people who have full time, permanent, well-paying jobs with benefits.

Most of us would agree that working to protect diabled Americans, and the full time, permanent, well paying, benefit laden jobs of 1,000 plus local citizens is worthwhile.

goyankees69 said...

I googled community donations and this is what I came up with. "Way to go for Meuser, he cares about the local communities and his employees share in the caring." I tried to google hacket, but came up with nothing as expected.

Pride Mobility Products Corp. is greatly honored to be an active participant in community outreach programs both locally and nationally. In the past, Pride has supported employees with their events and causes. We have sponsored softball teams, employees' children in their athletic aspirations, employees who run or walk in various causes, and employees who donate their time in Volunteer endeavors.

Pride helps the local community by making donations to such organizations as Junior Achievement, Wyoming Area Kiwanis, Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, Boy Scouts of America, The Northeast Philharmonic, the local library, and the local YMCA.

Pride is especially proud of our contribution efforts to the MDA, the MS Society, the American Heart Association, ALS Foundation, and the United Way, to name a few. Within these organizations and countless others we have several employees who not only show their support by participating in sponsored events, but who contribute to year-round activities. In 2002, Pride was recognized by the United Way with their Corporate Award, given to a local business that possesses the traits of being a true role model throughout the year.

Pride also expands its community outreach program to include national events and organizations. In the past few years, we have worked with The Spinal Cord Society, United Cerebral Palsy, St. Luke Rehab Institute, Arthritis Foundation, Lupus Research, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and several others.

Pride firmly believes that the greatest gift a company can give to its community is to have an active role in maintaining a high quality of life for everyone who lives there.

Anonymous said...

Scott and Bill- you are way out there trying to tie these two items together. Give me a break. You guys must be outraged that Dave Maderia is working for this Hackett guy and he originally was going to come out pro choice- Where is your outrage, where is your indignation on that issue. Now Dave is getting paid by Hackett so that makes it ok. I voted for Dave because I believed in his strong pro life stance and I believed in his supposed honesty. Now I find he is nothing more than another stinking politician. Now you say you can't make the comparison- Well to use words you will understand- You CANT get a little bit pregnant. You are either on one side or the other.

By the way Dave was President of the association and Dave had alot of power in who money gets donated too. They don't poll all the doctors and find out who to give money too. Usually a committee of 5 to 7 people.
I will not vote for this guy that Dave is now trying to spin to the public because I can't stand being lied too. This other guy muser or whatever didn't lie- when I googled the isssue he stood up and said he did it and why. That I can accept- being told the truth.

The truth and not the spin is something you should try to follow.

goyankees69 said...

I also wanted to mention that I would vote for someone who will take care of the community my family resides in. Based on Meusers outstanding history of community support which is "Incredible", I know he has my families back and will take care of my neighbors and friends as well. He will be there for us and will listen to our communities needs and will do his best to ensure we are taken care of!!!

Scott said...

Sorry KAR, didn't mean to make you think to hard there...but I think it goes to what conservative is all about, so as far as I'm concerned, it is on topic.

Will TRUE CONSERVATIVES support someone who gives money to ELECT Charlie Rangel with his 100% Pro Abortion voting record. I don't think so.

Will TRUE CONSERVATIVES support someone who gives to Rendell and his support of GOVERNMENT funded health care for families earning $50,000 a year?
I don't think so.

The word is out,, and I don't think doing community service before committing the crime (to conservatives supporting the likes of Rendell, Clinton, Rangel and Kanjorski is a crime) is going to fly.

We'll see how it plays out, but this sounds alot more like a conservative/Pat Toomey/Jeb Henserling get the government out of my business type guy to me.

KAR said...

Oh, and before I forget, Hackett in a Times Leader article referred to Meuser as a "Washington insider".

Well, lets look at that, he, Meuser, knows his way around Washington, due to the fact that he has worked hard over the last few years ensuring that Americans with Disabilities are treated fairly.

He also works hard to ensure that the 1,000 plus people Pride employs in full time, permanent, well paying job, with benefits are protected.

He has also worked hard in Washington, and elsewhere to ensure that Republicans are elected, and re-elected.

If that makes him an "insider", then that's an "insider" I'm comfortable supporting.

Lets look at Hackett, he claims to be a true conservative, but I submit that he's really a "Green" candidate.

I mean he donated some "big green" to the democratic county commissioners, they in turn came up with a "recycling" program where retired/downsized county employees were recycled back into the county workforce through Hackett's company, resulting in "big green" for Hackett.

See, recycling works.

Meuser, 1,000 plus well paying, permanent, full time positions with benefits.

Hackett, recycled county positions, and part time no benefit jobs..."you want fries with that"?

You decide.

goyankees69 said...

Ok, correct me if I am wrong, I was always educated by my family and freinds, you vote for a person with a proven track record. It's not "Rocket Science".

Meuser has given over 90% of his political contributions to the Republican Party. As some people state on this blog that he gave to the Dem's. If he did give to the Dem's, it was very minimal. Also on that note, they were contributions to help fight in D.C. for supporting the needs for individuals with disabilities.

Based on research under Meusers name via the web/blogs, "Hundreds of Thousands" of dollars have been donated to local charities and community programs etc.. by him, his employess, his family and his company.

Listen, this is all you should need to hear, this guy loves his district, employees, funding community needs etc...

Like I said earlier, this person has our back and it brings a great feeling to know this.

This is about the best track record I have seen of an individual in the 10th based on my research.

I rest my case - "so far"

goyankees69 said...

Did Hackett do this??? Talk is Talk, is it documented??? He talks about cutting taxes in his press release yesterday, but do know, Meuser took this step back in July.

Dan Meuser has signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge to oppose any and all tax increases. Meuser states that he believes he can trim wasteful spending and continue to cut taxes to grow our economy while at the same time balancing our budget.

Anonymous said...

Scott- do you really know what a true conservative is? You are a joke. Who are you voting for? Hackett seems to be a pro choice candidate? You must be voting for Jesus. I love the fact that you conservatives keep up the infighting? This way Chris will just keep winning. Keep it up boys.

David Madeira said...

Anonymous - Thanks for your vote in the last election. I have not given up or sold out and you will see evidence of that as time goes by and the candidates come out and explain their positions on issues, answer questions about allegations and facts from their past, and paint a vision for the future.

For me, politics has always been about issues first and foremost.

Constitutionally limited government, the free market and individual liberty, strong national defense and traditional social values. After carefully considering the political landscape in the 10th, I came up with 4 criteria for a candidate who can unseat the liberal Democrat incumbent, Chris Carney, (in order of importance):

1. A real conservative who understands the challenges we face and is willing to do what needs to be done.

2. An effective communicator who is willing to take on the opposition on ideological grounds and explain conservative values in compelling ways.

3. A scandal-free candidate.

4. A candidate who can raise the money needed to win.

With these 4 in place, we win.

I looked at the field of potential candidates very closely. I met personally with every major candidate (& several potential candidates who were never speculated about publicly). I put myself and every other candidate through these four criteria.

I know my reputation is at stake and I value that most of all - "A good name is rather to be chose than great riches..." - Prov. 22:1.

That is why I decided to throw my full support behind Chris Hackett. He meets all these criteria better than I or anyone else does. I will be working closely with him and ask you to join in our efforts to put our party back on track and win the 10th back for conservative values.

KAR said...


Your list seems to beg the question, 2 questions actually, where do you feel you fell short of your own criteria, and where does Dan Meuser fall short?

I gotta' tell you, Mueser is a real conservative,he's an effective communicator, he's scandal free,and he sure as hell can raise the money needed to win.

So if you just happen to like Hackett more on a personal level, fair enough, but don't leave the impression that Meuser doesn't measure up to your lofty standards.

Anonymous said...

KAR i agree with you. Meuser is the man for this seat. He is a true conservative and will do what needs to get done. He is an effective communicator. He is scandal free. And he will raise the money to unseat Carney.

Gort said...

Note to everybody. Thanks for all the comments as this one of the best threads we've had in a long time. Many of you are obviously connected to the campaigns and I request that you add me to your press release lists and let me know when you have a website up and running. I'm looking forward to a great election.

Anonymous said...

two things
I do not support hacket or meuser One gave to jillary the other gave to skrep

To respond to this quote by Kar

"Meuser has a resposibility to work with elected officials, from either side of the aisle, to ensure that Americans with disabilities are treatly fairly, and have access to the mobility products they need to live productive lives.

Additionally he has a responsibility to the 1,000 plus people employed by his company, people who have full time, permanent, well-paying jobs with benefits. "

Yes he does have a responsibilty to work with everyone, Not domnate the maximum to either candidtae

Anonymous said...

Bill- by your thinking than you should like the meuser guy- he donated the maximum to Santorum (conservatives love him) and gave to his PAC I believe the maximum also. Bill you need to open up and realize that a good candidate is much more than just donations. It is their record of accomplishment, reputation, and what they have done to help others. It is also what they stand for and what they want to do to carry on the conservative agenda. You sound like a smart young man but you are missing out because people are much more than their donations. Get out and meet the candidates and then make your judgement. You seem like these pro choice zealots who only vote on one issue. Don't do that you will find that this strategy limits the ability of good people to serve in leadership positions. We need good, smart leaders to serve and help educate the public so we can fix our problems. Open up your mind, you will find that is one good thing about getting older.

Anonymous said...

First I prefer him over hacket, his donationsare stupid while hackett's donations are pay to play. that being siad the only reason I harp on the money is becuase his supporters do. Is he more qualified to run for office becuase he gave money to so and so? If he gave a better explantion as to why he gave money to Rengal, i could supprt him but his current one (he support disabled) is horrible becuase Rengal does not need the money. I dont live in the disitrict or NEPA any more so I can't meet the candidates

KAR said...


I think the reasons for the contributions were given, repeatedly, apparently you don't like or accept them, so be it.

Meuser, runs a large company that serves the needs of handicapped Americans, this business, as many, is subject to a lot of government involvemnt, and often pieces of legislation can have serious consequences on the business, and disabled Americans.

Like it or not,Rangel is the Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, and is a powerful & influential lawmaker.

Does Mueser agree with Rangel on many issues? Probably not, less than 1 in 500.

Should Meuser ignore a person who could assit him in ensuring the health of his busines,and the 1,000 plus individuals who rely on him for good paying, full time, permanent jobs with benefits? Certainly not.

Should Meuser ignore a person who could assist him in ensuring that disabled Americans are given every opportunity possible to pursue, or maintain the quality of life they deserve? God, I hope not.

We, as republicans, need to focus our anergy & attention on the task at hand, and that is defeating Chris Carney.

Meuser can do that,frankly I think he is the only one who can, and it is vitally important to get Carney out now, after only one term.

Focus on the larger picture, don't get lost in minutia. This isn't some academic exercise, it's real life, with real consequences.

Anonymous said...

Again I am not saying he shopuld ignore charlie, but he does not need to give him money(this was in Feb of 2006 whne he was thinking of running for congress)

KAR said...


I can't be sure, but in Feb '06, I doubt Meuser was thinking about running, he was actively supporting Don Sherwood.

Sherwood's unfortunate fall from grace created an opportunity that few could have forseen.

This whole issue is silly, Meuser is a republican, does anyone seriously doubt that? Do you doubt that?

Anonymous said...

Bill- I think KAR is right Feb 06 was probably a little early. I think the good money was on Scranton or a few other high profile, name well known people. This makes it interesting seeing something develop from this level. Remember guys we just want the liberal out. I love how the Scranton times is making him look like a conservative. Did they see his vots on the tax issue, have they seen his votes on the spending issues.

Scott said...


I have no doubt Meuser is a Republican, just not a conservative republican. No conservative republican I know would give money to Charlie Rangel (which the campaign report shows was the max amount in Feb 07, and not just from him, but the max from his wife, his brother and his sister in-law...personal..not PAC donations) I think he had a pretty good idea he was running at that point. (Not that it should make any difference.."where your treasure is, there will your heart be also")

For me the ideal candidate would have been Madeira. I must say I put a whole lot more stock in his signed endorsement of Hackett(above) than I do in a bunch of "anonymous" posts containing unsubstantiated allegations that go against Hacketts stated position as being pro life.

I will agree on one point though KAR, Carney must be defeated, I just want it to be by someone who won't sell his soul for a mess of porridge.

KAR said...


I'm convinced that Meuser is the best person for the job, you and others are not, fair enough, but don't allow your displeasure over contributions cloud your ability to see Mueser's conservative credentials.

The issue, if can even be called that, of contributions has been explained again & again. Look at the record of money given in toto, the overwhelming majority of monies given, went to republicans, that is where Meuser's heart is, it should be obvious to antyone with an open mind.

Maderia may have been your ideal candidiate, but guess what, he chose to not run, I'm sure he had his reasons, but Hackett is not Maderia.

If you apply the same standard on contributions to Hackett that you do to Mueser, I don't see how you could possibly support him.

Hackett gave money to the democratic commissioners, his company was then given a major county contract...coincidence? I guess it's possible, but I have a hard time believing it.

Anonymous said...

Scott- I don't understand how you slam one guy but you don't hold the other to the same standard. The papers say both of these guys have alot of money. If that is the case then both should have given to Republicans in the past. Now the numbers I have seen say that 90% of 130,000 from Meuser went to Republicans and the rest to Dems while Hackett has given $1,000 to Republicans (Lisa Baker) and $5,000 to Democrats. Based on this then Meuser has supported Republicans alot more. Please don't tell me that Rengel is more liberal then spending King Skrepnak. The big issue is this- Are we really going to nominate one person over the other due to donations. I really hope not. Their record and what they want to do should be the biggest issue.

James said...

The concern of voters and constituents should be that Dan Meuser is exclusively a special interests candidate who only wishes to further profits of his own company. The products that Pride Mobility sells are Medicare purchased products. If you've read the news over the last couple of years then you know of the scandals involving the over billing of the exact products that Dan Meuser sells. It has cost tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars since the late 1990s. Dan Meuser began lobbying Washington over the last 3 years to save his own business model that relies on Medicare dollars as the revenue of his company when the government cracked down on Medicare power wheelchairs. He has no connection or interest in constituents. As the election gets closer next year you'll see many more facts regarding this. Do a google search on “power wheelchair fraud”.