Thursday, July 27, 2006

Some trial balloons

The most important office for many of the politically active in Luzerne County is county commissioner. Sure it's important who is Senator or President but most government decisions that affect your everyday life are made on the local level. For as long as I can remember the county commissioners regardless of party have treated the county government as an employment agency for friends and family. Things have been cleaned up somewhat the last few years but minority GOP commissioner Steve Urban points out that games are still being played such as picking someone for a post yet to be created by the salary board.

The TL has a run down of some possible Republican Candidates next year. Crestwood School Board member Bill Jones said he’d like to tackle Luzerne County’s money problems because he’s concerned about the county’s growing long-term debt. That's music to my ears as I have been bashing the bond brothers for borrowing money left and right for everything from giving a golden parachute to long time employees (then hiring them back as consultants) to just meeting payroll. The only knock I have heard about him is that he is a buddy of Democratic commissioner Greg Skrepenak. We don't need another get along/go along guy like Red Jones. Hanover Area School Board member David Shipula I know nothing about. 20th Senate district runner-up Dave Madeira said he’s been tossing around the possibility. “I’ve been asked (to run) and certainly am considering it.” I like Madeira, I don't agree with him on many issues , but he speaks his mind. Incumbent Republican Commissioner Steve Urban is being coy about his plans. Urban has done a good job just raising hell the the last few years, in fact he was the only one I voted for in the last general election. I know my GOP friends will be shocked by this but I always vote for good government regardless of party.

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