Thursday, August 03, 2006

Don Sherwood catches some flack

Barbara Sundin of Lewisburg, who participated in the protest said, "After Sherwood was asked about veterans benefits and funding, he replied,

"1000 WWII veterans are dying every day so we have fewer veterans."

The dog days of summer are supposed to be the slow time for politics as the conventional wisdom is that people don't get interested until after Labor Day. Not this year. The race for Governor is a snooze but the Senate race has been lively especially with the revelation that Green Party candidate Carl Romanelli sold his soul for a ballot spot. Now Don (R- Tunkhannock Strangler) Sherwood has added some spice to the mix.

LEWISBURG -Ten protesters shrugged off the intense afternoon heat to publicly oppose U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood's re-election bid as the incumbent attended a fundraising event in Lewisburg Tuesday night.

Protester John Cooper said the primary election showed support for the congressman among the GOP is slipping. "Look how many people voted for Kathy Scott," Mr. Cooper said, referring to the politically unknown Williamsport Republican who had a surprisingly strong showing in the May primary election against Mr. Sherwood.

Mr. Sherwood dismissed the small protest, the first he said he's encountered on the campaign trail, as "people who wouldn't vote for me or any Republican for any reason."
As an incumbent, he said, his record is available for all to critique and he's proud of the job he's done.

Mr. Sherwood's opponents also waste no time in raising his confidential settlement last year of a $5.5 million assault and battery lawsuit filed by his mistress. The married, 65-year-old congressman has admitted to having a five-year affair with the 30-year-old woman but denied assaulting her. On Tuesday, one of the protesters carried a sign that raised that issue and chided Mr. Sherwood for not supporting veterans.

The police were called to get rid of the group and the officer decided they were not breaking the law. Then the hotel manager then turned a hose on them but they stood there and enjoyed the cool water. Chris Carney's reaction to all this is here.

Sherwood's big business friends are coming to his rescue. The US Chamber bought $110,000 in air time to "congratulate" him on voting for the new Medicare prescription drug plan. Like he had a choice. I've seen an almost identical ad for Santorum. Why would this supposedly independent group do this? One opinion:

Don Sherwood has taken over $53,000 from big pharmaceutical manufacturers, the health insurance lobby, and HMOs," said Chris Carney. "Last year, Sherwood voted to make it illegal for the government to negotiate lower drug prices for seniors. Today, our seniors are saddled with higher costs for prescription drugs and drug makers are raking in higher profits."

"Now, Don Sherwood's special interest buddies are spending over $110,000 to buy TV ads for him," said Carney. "What will Don Sherwood vote for next? I fully expect more corporate giveaways that hurt seniors and working families."

The story does not end with the big drug manufacturers donations to Don Sherwood.
"Don Sherwood has received over $58,000 from big oil, gas, and energy companies," said Chris Carney. "Last year, Sherwood voted for the Bush administration's energy bill. This year our families are paying the price - $3 per gallon for gas, while big oil reaps huge profits."


Anonymous said...

I cant believe it was the first protest he encountered!

PA progressive said...

Was he choking up while denigrating veterans?

Gort said...

He was stroken n' choken. Then the hose came out after he went inside to brag about his pork.