Tuesday, August 08, 2006

If it ain't broke don't fix it

Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta's immigration ordinance has inspired some copycat proposals in other towns. Now the little Luzerne County hamlet of Forty Fort, with almost no minority polulation let alone an immigrant problem, is set to pass a law that addresses a problem that doesn't exist. From what I read in the CV today was a frustration of one local official with the unwillingness of the Bush administration to enforce the immigration laws already on the books.

Councilman Dave Williams said the proposal was created because the federal government has failed to act against illegal immigration, which he called "a disease that's festering in this country. " However, Williams said hasn'tasn't noticed a growing illegal immigrant population in the borough.

"Do we have what I perceive to be a huge illegal immigration problem? No," he said....."Maybe finally, the federal government will get off their lazy buns and do something."

There are a few people in the town that realize this is foolish.

Councilman Andy Tuzinski said he is not advocating the proposal and is "neutral" on the issue. He said council needs to focus more on rental inspections and problems between landlords and tenants in general.

Mayor Boyd Hoats Jr. said he has yet to examine the details of the proposal, but remained skeptical. "To be honest, I'm not really for it," Hoats said

Williams and Tuzinski said council President Joseph Chacke voiced concern about possibly having to defend the ordinance against lawsuits. They said Chacke suggested postponing action to see how Hazleton's proposal survives legal criticism for prempting pre-empting federal immigration laws or violating federal civil rights legislation.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Ain't scapegoating grand?

Doctor Rick said...

This is not an aggrandizement nor an execution of needless legislation but a reflection of neglect on behalf of the state and federal governments to blanket its people with a comprehensive plan to combat a dangerous trend known apparently more readily by smaller constituencies as ILLEGAL immigration.

This is only setting the bar, and a standard...not simply some small time copycat proposal.

This should have been tackled long ago, like Greg Skrep's career.

Gort said...


You do some of the best reporting I've seen on the blogs.

Why should I worry?

I'm not a Mexican. I'm not gay. I don't burn flags. I'm not a poor person. So if the government wants to look in my window, let them. I have nothing to hide!

Gort said...

Rick, It's bullshit. There is no illegal problem in Forty Fort. They are passing laws for problems that don't exist.

Chris said...

Talk about 'who cares'.

soccermike said...

Forty-Fort is just protecting themselves for the what if. Look at Wilkes-Barre, you don't think Kingston is next? I see plains changing little by little, so you don't think Forty-Fort can be effected? I grew up in NJ and saw first hand the changes in a community. When I graduated we had 90% legal now, 90% spanish and other ethnic, with 30% illegal. That's ridiculous.

Glen said...

I can only imagine the controversy that would be caused if Wilkes-Barre or Kingston enacted something like this where there are actually illegal immigrants.

soccermike said...

Maybe more communities should be this active on other issues so we don't have to worry about big government as much. Just think if we thought this much outside the box before that dreadful day in Sept. what could've of been prevented.

pope george ringo said...

I just realized that Soccermike has a blog.

soccermike said...

That's news to me, tell what and where it is. Also, tell me what am I writing about, I sure don't know. But thanks for checking it out. :)

Gort said...

You both should have a blog.