Sunday, August 06, 2006

I got tagged and I'm no too happy about it. The slave diver Jane, who reminds me of a teacher I had in jr high school, gave us homework again. I'm supposed to tell you things that are wierd about me. This will be once and only time I will I respond to a chain letter. And I will not tag anyone else.

Most of the discussion centers around food. I will try anything. I have eaten alligator and rattle snake enjoyed an Ostrich burger and always look for a restaurant that serves snails.

In music I enjoy everything from The Sex Pistols to Brahms.

I love to be outside but I don't like to camp. If god wanted us to wake up in the morning in the cold and rain he wouldn't have invented Holiday Inn.

I can quote the Holy Grail, the Hitchhikers Guide, Shakespeare and the Bible.

Today I enjoyed a pleasant day in my back yard. I read a book and played some jazz.


AboveAvgJane said...

Oh, how mean!!! I was scrounging to come up with 5 people that I knew well enough to tag. Not everyone has real live actual friends they can send these things off to. I didn't WANT to pass it on -- I just didn't want to be the nerd /geek /loser that doesn't have 5 names in her address book.

A jr high school teacher? Which one? the shop teacher who's missing a few fingers or the science teacher with all the frogs in formaldehyde?

An extended family member coined my favorite "outdoorsy" quote: "I don't do outside with bugs." She was a firm believer in Holiday Inn, too.

Thanks for playing. No more homework for awhile. Promise.

PSoTD said...

Gort - it's my fault. BTW, I don't find this weird at all:

In music I enjoy everything from The Sex Pistols to Brahms.

More like... recommended.

Gort said...

Jane, I hope you're not mad at me
:( The teacher I was thinking of was one of the most influential people in my life. When I would ask difficult questions she would have me do some research or read a book. Because of her I started reading Charles Beard and Gore Vidal. She taught me critical thinking.

AboveAvgJane said...


No, I'm just teasing. It's nice to be compared to a favorite teacher, as long as she didn't whack you with a ruler or anything. And I really appreciate you playing along with the 5 things meme.