Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman vs. Lamont

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I don't have a horse in this race. The only thing I know about Ned Lamont is that he is a rich guy who is against the war. I always liked Lieby on a personal level. But the thing that keeps coming back to me is something my wife said watching the debates in 2004.

"Lieberman sounds like a Republican."

Being the political junkie that I am I came home early from work to catch the results of the Connecticut Senate race. I found a live stream of the coverage at WNYC -AM. Right now they are saying with 19% of the precincts reporting Lamont is leading 56-44%. I hate hearing only percentages, give me numbers and where they are coming from. They are also saying that turnout may approach 50%. Unheard of in a primary. At 9:23PM the spread is 54-46% with 38% of precincts reporting. More to come.

At 10:35 they are saying it's Lamont 52-48% with Lamont winning by 9,000 votes. But with a much lower turnout. The first numbers I have heard tonight. With 93% of precints reporting it's Lamont 134,000 to Lieby's 125,000 (52-48).

11:00 Lieby concedes but he is running as an independent. Now he he is giving a bullshit speech attacking Ned Lamont saying he is tired of partisan politics. Partisanship, partisanship. Hey Joementum let Rumsfeld retire.

This is Hardball now. I just heard that he needs 7,500 signatures to get a ballot spot as an independent. Better than PA.

I'm listening to Lamont now and he is giving his stump speech. He just said bring our troops home. That is going to resonate with many voters.


pope george ringo said...

These results change the entire political landscape for '06 and '08. Check an earlier guest column that Gort so kindly allowed His Holiness to post; Hillary is going to have to stop playing to the right wing because Democrats are not willing to accept the war. Al Gore is thinking a lot about something this morning.

Glen said...

The Republicans are arguing that the Democratic party is being taken over by left wing anti war radicals. Someone should inform them that a majority of the country is against the Iraq War, not just the left wing.

danny said...


I worked for Joe on his campaign until mid-summer, and I couldn't be happier to have left. You hit the nail on the head when you said "Lieberman sounds like a Republican." I've got plenty of interesting stories about my tenure in the Nutmeg State, if you're interested.

Gort said...

Danny, Sounds like a good post. Please share.