Friday, August 25, 2006

Sell the Red Barons

After 18 years of the politicians running the Lackawanna County Stadium and the Triple A ball club the place is a mess. The reports are that venture has lost over $10 million and Phillies are moving to Allentown. When Phillies Asst. GM Ruben Amauro says he doesn't know who to call when he has questions because the place has become a political football it tells you that these people don't know what they're doing. Contrast that with the way the Wachovia Arena is run. A professional company is responsible for the operation and the place makes money. In general I oppose government owning what should be private businesses, be it ski resorts, golf clubs that aren't within the city limits or liquor stores.

CV: All three Luzerne County commissioners vowed Wednesday to have a final say in a potential sale of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons. Their statements came one day after Lackawanna County Commissioner Robert Cordaro announced Columbia Sports Capital, a New York-based company, offered to buy the AAA baseball franchise for $14 million. Cordaro and fellow Republican Commissioner A.J. Munchak said they were “not inclined” to sell the team, yet would entertain offers.

From what I know the Lackawanna County Commissioners have micro-managed the place from the beginning right down to hiring part-time ushers. So I can understand them not wanting to give up a source of patronage. That's why the team should be sold. People who understand the business of baseball should run the place.

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soccermike said...

They finally see how much money the Penguins make and need to change. Low attendance, and the stadium not really a fan friendly place, I hope the new owners turn things around.