Sunday, August 27, 2006

I am not an illegal alien

From Mark:

"Just for the sake of accuracy, Gort is not the real name of that aforementioned local blogger. His real name is Klaatu Schwartz and he hails from the distant planet Blogtune. He claims to have been raised locally, but he is lying to you. He landed on this planet in 1951 and has been using our resources ever since. Simply put, he is an illegal alien and LouBarletta should get after him pronto."

Barletta, the FBI, MI5. They are all on my ass. I have many enemies and will now appear in in public only in drag. An informed Wyoming County minister recently informed me that I hate America. Since I always believe everything my religous leaders tell me I just may move to a monastary and light candles for GWB everynight.

May the Schwartz be with you.

The video may not load. So here is the link:


Doctor Rick said...

Not illegal...but alien, yes.

PA progressive said...

Heck that's nothing. Try running a Senate campaign and see what they call you.

Now Gerlach says I'm a cyber bigot for exposing his FEC lies and such. Being an alien might actually be easier, they'll only tar and feather you.

By the way I hope you didn't come from Pluto. Gort/Pluto, you know they both have a t and o in the name....

Gort said...

Sorry, I don't associate with former planets.

Anonymous said...