Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Meet the Candidate

11th Congressional District Republican candidate Dr. Joseph Leonardi will be pressing the flesh in a few Luzerne County towns on Wednesday.

9:00am Downtown Hazleton

11:00am Downtown Nanticoke

11:30am Downtown Plymouth

12:00pm Downtown Wilkes-Barre

1:30pm Downtown Plains

2:30pm Downtown Exeter

3:00pm Downtown Pittston

4:00pm Downtown Avoca

Inflatable Dam Project


Bill Fitzpatrick said...

I dont care abouthis dam project or this damn project haha
I love it Dr. Joe, if only the GOP will give him the money they are waisting on Sherwood,
Carney has nothing to do with it, all he did was make hislef appear competent and thats all a challnger can do, the rest depends on how people feel about the incumbent, in this case pork, cheating and choaking.

Doctor Rick said...

Bill, no time to blog at ACU? Gort, we should have a big blog of debate. Good vs evil.