Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Get me rewrite

For the fifth time Hazleton is rewriting the Illegal Immigration Relief Act. Which is fitting because this whole show has degenerated into a bad B-movie or a soap opera. When you find a hole in the script you try to patch it. The question in this trial was summed up nicely by ACLU attorney Witold J. Walczak;

The only issues in this case are whether Hazleton's ordinance violates federal and commonwealth law" by addressing immigration policy, a power normally reserved to the federal government, similar to foreign policy and trade, Walczak said.

If Hazleton loses this case the city's taxpayer will be liable for some hefty legal bills then we will see if people still consider Lou Barletta a small town defender or a publicity seeking irresponsible fool. What started as stunt to help Rick Santorum's reelection chances has taken on a life of it's own. After being on 60 Minutes it must be hard to admit that this is not a wise course of action.


pope george ringo said...

Problem is, the Federal govt. is not enforcing the immigration laws. This is blatantly ridiculous; if you are here illegally you ARE breaking the law. There is no debate on this point amongst intelligent men and women. The anti ordinance crowd continues to push the race card but it is to be understood that the problem is not a racial one but one of fairness. If you were waiting in line to get a entrance visa and people cut ahead of you I assume you would feel slighted and rightly so. This is one of those very simple right/wrong issues that has become very complicated. Again, and i cannot say it enough, the federal government is NOT enforcing the immigration laws. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I believe Mr. Barletta has said that the court fees etc. are being paid by private donations. I would love to know who the donors are.

Pope George Ringo, you should be more upset with privatization and outsourcing than with your brown neighbors who work hard and stay out of trouble--which is most immigrants. All workers are being abused by the corporatization and commodification of everything, including ourselves as laborers.

pope george ringo said...

RE: Anon: Enjoyed your attempt at satire. Bless You.

Tara said...

Hmm. Funny that anonymous commenters need to know who the ANONYMOUS, private donors are.

No, I am not saying you need to reveal yourself. And I'm not trying to hide myself as a donor. If I donated any money, I would've admitted it.

Just in case anyone was thinking that's why I'm so adamant about protecting the identities of the donors, it's not because I'm one, although I am from and still am in Hazleton. Hell, if the "John and Jane Doe" plaintiffs can remain anonymous, then there's no reason why the donors should be revealed!

I agree with the Pope, thank you Father. ;-) As the mayor says repeatedly, "illegal is illegal". Sorry, I had to say it, but it is TRUE. It's not targeted against the "Latino", there have been racist people everywhere (not just Hazleton) before all this and there will be after this. What did we blame it on before and what will we blame it on next? Hmm, referring to ANYONE as 'brown' sounds inappropriate at best...

The federal government is failing us. Look what happened with the witness for the Kichline trial- they deport someone they shouldn't have; how many illegals will they NOT deport?