Friday, March 23, 2007

Keep paving

Yet another flood watch has been issued for Luzerne County. The river is not going to jump it's banks but small streams and runoff may cause some problems. We had a big scare in June and two other events in August and November that were called "minor flooding" by everyone except the people who had their houses damaged. At least our local leaders are paying some lip service to the problem:

Todd Vonderheid said an estimated $50 million to $100 million in public infrastructure damage has been caused countywide by four floods that occurred since he took office in 2004.
Devastating flooding is occurring where it has never happened before, he said.

Hey points out "the causal relationship between the disorganized and uncoordinated development patterns and this damage that has already cost the taxpayers and private individuals and insurance companies millions and millions of dollars in Luzerne County."

The solution is to use the countywide storm water management plan but it is not mandatory. Instead of handing out tax breaks and taxpayer loans to every company that promises to produce a few jobs the state should look at the consequences of paving everything in sight.

UPDATE: From The Central PA Gazelle

(PARADISE) - A developer today announced plans to purchase the entire Lancaster County community of Paradise, pave over it and put up a parking lot.


Anonymous said...

Please folks, please... consider Urban, James, Flood - not Petrilla, Skrep or Shipula or any of those other guys tied to the machine... thanks

PA progressive said...

Are you channeling Joni Mitchell?

Doctor Rick said...

Soon as something finally happens, they'll say "this was ignored for years".