Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Undertakers and barkeepers

Mike McGlynn had a good column about the background of some of our elected officials over the years. He also points out that Insurance Agents have the time and money to run for elective office. Funeral director Jim Desiderio is running for Coroner by hosting happy hours at some of the local watering holes that have been advertised on the entertainment page of the CV. This week he is getting up early to host a breakfast on Sunday but will revert to the night life for a cocktail party next Sunday. It reminds me of the old joke that Wilkes-Barre has 2 bars and a church on every corner with a funeral parlor down the street.

Dr. Jack Consalvo has the job now after being appointed by the Governor to fill out the term of late, great Dr. George Huddock. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Dr. Huddock a few times when he wanted to talk business, needless to say I didn't eat much. We'll never see the likes of him again. A trained pathologist who never had to spend a dime to get reelected. W-B Area School Director and undertaker John Corcoran is also running for the job.

Paul Golias recently suggested that Coroners position should be eliminated and a regional medical examiner's office should be created. I'm for that. There was probably a time the coroner should be elected but it has passed. In this world of highly technical forensic pathology the coroner should be hired not elected.

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