Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mike Gravel for President

The last time (2004) we voted for President in the primaries the Democrats chose John Kerry. Supposedly he was "electable." That worked out well. I went through the whole year saying "if we only had a candidate." In the Pennsylvania primary that year I voted for Howard Dean and Mrs. G went with Dennis Kucinich because they were the candidates that we agreed with even though the contest had been long been decided -almost 2 months.
This year PA is looking at moving up the primary to February 5th to create more or less a national contest. My advise would to move it up but have a week or two later. The chances are no one candidate will win every contest on February 5 so the next big contest could decide it. That could be us. The last time the PA primary was decisive was 1976 when Jimmy Carter beat the field in a big industrial state after winning the early skirmishes. It clinched the nomination for him.
My early favorite is Mike Gravel because he says what's on his mind because he has nothing to lose. Novel huh, take a position and defend it.


ww said...

It is difficult to wrap my head around the idea of America being run by Gravel or Kucinich or the like... what a refreshing and positive progressive change from the intrusive and savage current administration that would be. Cross your fingers they come up with a paper trail for our voting machines by the time that election rolls around... maybe then we'll know that our votes actually count.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Gort, I don't like the frontrunners. I never do. I'd love to vote for Gore.

LVDem said...

I can be won over by just about any of the Dem candidates. I don't trust the GOP candidates... especially that two faced mccain.

Like the idea of trying to pick up scraps though. Wait a week and become the state that cleans up the mess.