Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Best man for the job

From the inbox:

P.J.Best withdrew his candidacy for nomination for the November ballot for Pittston City Council seat during a Tuesday night meeting of the Luzerne County Democractic executive committee meeting.
Joe Chernouskas and Ludwig Fleming asked to be consided for the nomination.
Chernouskas recieved the nomination with overwhelming support.


Anonymous said...

fear of destroying your political career before it starts must be a strong motivator. however, i am glad he did the right thing and i have a new respect for the young man.

Anonymous said...

P J Best did the right thing regarding the withdrawal of his candidacy however that still doesnt vacate the fact that his father Terry Best tried to pull a fast one on the ciizens of Pittston City. Terry Best needs to be sent packing like Oliveri and Scarantino. Terry Best feels he is above the scrutiny of the people.

Mean Old Man said...

I cannot believe the way they are trying to railroad this young man. All he wanted to do was to participate in government and follow the footsteps of his dad just like our Sainted President GW Bush. Yet, another victim of the new Liberalism that is decaying our nation. As for your Commie town hall; fat chance I'll waste my time drinking with subversives!!! Go to Hell!!!! I hate you all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not a wise choice by junior, letting daddy try to sew up a couple of political positions. Even funnier that daddy is the zoning officer in Pittston Twp- What kind of deal was that?