Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Expect an indictment

Marty Carlson may be moving along but his staff is still on the job.

PittstonPolitics.com speculated about another school board director going down in Pittston Area.

YATESVILLE Joseph Oliveri abruptly resigned from the Pittston Area School Board and from his post as a Luzerne County Sheriff’s Deputy with tersely worded letters that cited “personal reasons” for his departures.

I could buy the "I want to spend more time with my family" excuse if he just quit the school board after losing the election but he also gave up his daytime job as a Luzerne County Deputy Sheriff.

From what I hear he is mixed up with the Intellecom/LCCC/PA thing.


Pittston Area school board member charged with accepting bribe

Oliveri will plead guilty to accepting bribe


Big Dan said...

Maybe he resigned to "spend more time with his family", isn't that the usual excuse for resigning right before some blockbuster story about them comes out?

Anonymous said...

Big Dan how have you been Ed

Anonymous said...

Oh no, another Luzerne County democrat(ic)

Can't wait to vote d (again) this fall.

victor said...
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