Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mom knows baseball

My 79 year old mother is healthy as a horse and ornery as a mule for which I thank God every day. I went down to to her house today to cut the grass today to find her watching the Little League World Series and she was rooting for the Chinese Team! She has been watching the tournament from the beginning and could name many of the kids on both teams. I think she wants to adopt Wen Hua Sung. Chula Vista won the game 6-3.

I asked her who won the Yanks-White Sox game and she said the "crybaby's" did.

Yankees 8, White Sox 3

We talked about last night's Phillies game and Cliff Lee getting knocked around. She wasn't worried about it because "that's baseball." A pitcher gets hot for a stretch then gets clobbered. She thinks he will be OK the rest of the year but is worried about Brad Lidge closing. She likes Bret Myers.


Anonymous said...

God bless her, at least you know she is not at killing people

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