Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hide your Beagle, Vick is an Eagle

The news that the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick was met with howls of protest in the Gort household. Mrs G and Quincy think that he should be given the same treatment as the dogs he tortured and killed with his own hand and ordered the torture and killing of other dogs. Electrocution. Hangings. Drowning. Repeatedly slamming their bodies into the ground. All because they weren’t winning his illegal gambling ring enough money.
Who is the animal here?
But he served his time for his crimes and America is a land of 2nd chances. He should be able to make a living after being released from prison. Too bad so many other felons aren't given the opportunity to get a job and contribute to society and clean up their acts.


Dana said...

Mr Vick happens to have a salable skill; a lot of ex-cons really don't.

How many men in our state penitentiaries never finished high school, never had a father in the home, and never developed any job skills that didn't involve crime? Many of them are fit for few jobs other than manual laborers once they get out in the real world.

Big Dan said...

I wonder what their #1 pick Kolb thinks of this?

Austin said...

Dana what skills aren't transferable to some legitimate career?

Mean Old Man said...

It's nice to see the commie PETA liberals failed to smear this fine young man and destroy his career. When all the smoke and the whining clears away, he really didn't do anything but give a few lazy canines a good workout and his buddies got to engage in some real non-government give me some of your winnings, gambling. In my day we had cockfights and no one thought anything of it. Hell, some of the local cops would come and place bets behind the railroad yard. But, of course, leave it to the liberals to get into everyone's personal business and ruin all the fun. Welcome back, Mr. Vick; you are every bit as fine a human being as you are an athlete.

Anonymous said...

Everytime someone (in the media or otherwise) says Vick went to jail for fighting dogs please correct them.

HE DIDN'T FIGHT DOGS, HE TORTURED THEM. (pulling their teeth to use them as bait, electrocution, etc.) Thank you for listing them Gort.

If the did this to humans, he would be Charles Manson, instead he did it to animals who COULD NOT DEFEND THEMSELVES (not once, for many years and for profit).

18 months in prison is not justice and he should never play in the NFL again.

I am a life-long Eagles fan, guess I should say I was.