Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nobody reads blogs on Saturday

Last nights meet up at Dan's was big success. Zen was the most popular guy for some reason. I'm sorry that I didn't give 4 months notice about our impromptu meeting but I posted it on the blog, Facebook and blasted emails to those that might be interested. Yes, I did huddle with my attorney when Big Dan came in. He didn't look as tall as his picture on the Internet. I will consult with my senior counsel, Tom Hagen, about this. Dan, do you own any horses?

Thanks to everyone that showed up, it was a blast. We will do another one at the end of September and hopefully we will get a few of the Luzerne County Democratic candidates to attend in addition to the GOP hopefuls.

I heard a disturbing report that the Mean Old Man shot himself in the leg with a shotgun while he was feeding his chickens so he was unable to attend.


just ed said...

Same thing i told dan, Mean Old Man shot himself in the head would be better

Stephen Albert said...
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Anonymous said...

If nobody reads blogs on Saturday, why not help clean the bathrooms and bathe the dog? He's a total mud bud. I think I let him watch too many buddy movies.

Anonymous said...

I think Mean Old Man is just hen-pecked and blames his gout as an excuse. I bet Thelma Jean has him field-dressing a deer that she shot out of season and he just won't admit it.