Sunday, March 19, 2006

Clean Sweep has local candidates

An anti-incumbent organization has thrown its support behind two local candidates for state offices.

PACleanSweep founder Russ Diamond said the organization is supporting the candidacies of Republicans Russ Bigus for state Senate in the 20th District and Edmund Sieminski, running for state representative of the 119th District.

"The pay raise issue raised a lot of concerns with me regarding the process and procedure in the way it was done," Bigus said. "There is no entitlement to this position. It's a job where we're supposed to roll up our sleeves every day and go to work for the people. I contacted PACleanSweep in November for their support, and I'm excited to get it because we share the same philosophies."

Sieminski, the only challenger to Rep. John Yudichak (D-Nanticoke), has served as a state representative in the past, and tried to instill reform while in the position.

Bigus will face a crowded field in the May 16 primary, with opposition from Republicans Lisa Baker, James Haggerty, David Madeira and Carl Sutton. The winner will square off against Democrat Robert McNamara for the seat of retiring Sen. Charles Lemmond.

I'm not sure if this a good thing or a bad thing.

Leadership squabble divides anti-incumbent group . Russ Diamond is running for Governor and the rest of the bunch is not happy about it.


Anonymous said...

The pay raise is almost a non issue in this race anyway. Madeira and the Kingston mayor have also both denounced it, and Baker skirted the issue so as not to upset her former boss.

The real question is, who is the true conservative Republican candidate in this race...?

The Purple Cobra said...

Fiscal conservative? Haggerty.
Moral conservative? Madeira.

Baker is Pro-Choice and shut down a sportsman's rifle range in her capacity as one of Ridge's minions.

Anonymous said...

Not once, but twice in the Pike county debate, the Kingston mayor went along with other Republican mayors in saying the Supreme Courts Kelo decision was a good one.
That decision says the government can seize your land for private use if they can prove that doing it will serve what's called "the public good"? That doesn't just mean a road, but could mean more expensive homes and offices that will pay more in property taxes than the buildings they're replacing!!!
If by fiscal conservative you mean conserving governments power to confiscate your property and give it to someone else, you're right. The attorney from Kingston falls right in with his colleagues on the left side of the Supreme Court (Stevens, Kennedy, Souter, Ginsburg, and Breyer) in their interpretation of the 5th ammendment.
Those on the right side of the issue (O’Connor, Rehnquist, Scalia, Thomas) said "As for the victims, the government now has license to transfer property from those with fewer resources to those with more. The Founders cannot have intended this perverse result. “[T]hat alone is a just government,” wrote James Madison, “which impartially secures to every man, whatever is his own.”

Conserve right to confiscate? Haggerty
True Conservative? Madeira

Anonymous said...

maderia is a non winner, but hurts balker's base in the sticks an back mountina
Haggerty wins with his rendell in philly like margins in Kingstopn Forty fort