Sunday, March 05, 2006

Democracy in action.

I spotted this over at GrassrootsPA:

Gentlemen's agreement

Think the legislative pay grab will be a hot issue in every race across the state?

Think again.
Republican and Democratic leadership have agreed that their endsorsed candidates won't mention the pay grab in their campaign literature. A source close to a candidate said the party's campaign money came with this string attached: You can't use it to attack your opponent for taking the pay raise. Another source, a political veteran, said this is a longstanding agreement dating back to past pay raises.

"You can get around it by raising money from other sources to pay for a brochure about the issue," this source said, "but you can't use party money."

They are trying to take the biggest issue off the table? If your a challenger of either party it's your best hammer. I don't think you can muzzle people but it looks like they will try.

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