Friday, March 24, 2006


WILKES-BARRE-A political phone poll making the rounds asks specifically whether a candidate's belief in Scientology would sway the respondent at the polls. One participant said the pollster identified the polling company as Community Research Group, but refused to divulge who commissioned the poll.....Democratic state representative contender Brian O'Donnell says he is an active, practicing Catholic and is disturbed about talk questioning his faith.

None of the five candidates battling for Blaum's seat has claimed ownership of the poll that asks about Scientology, among other questions. The other four also say they are practicing Catholics.
O'Donnell wouldn't confirm or deny launching the poll, saying he's not going to divulge his campaign strategy and doesn't believe other candidates will either.

It sure sounds like a push poll with questions asked after information was provided about some of the candidates. The interviewer pointed out Bob Reilly's employee problems, Eddie Pashinski's pension and said nice things about O'Donnell. If O'Donnell is a Scientologist maybe Tom Cruise or Isaac Hays will come to town to campaign for him.


Bill Fitzpatrick said...

Someone's religion should not make u not want to vote for them in general. Like I would never not vote for somebody becuase they were Jewish or Muslim, Sometimes all things being equal i will pick the one who is Catholic or Irish,
But some religions or cults like Scientology, Develi Worship and Witch Craft are harmful; to society. the freaks of theeses religions should not be allowed to have any power outside of Hollywood
Thankfully the good people of South park are exposoing Scientology

LVDem said...

"I wanna make love to you baby..."
*cough*... sorry, but that episode last night of South Park had me laughing 30 minutes after it was over. Too funny.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

It was a great episode, I eman they were able to attack scientology, take some jabs at Isaac Hayes, but still leave room for him to come back and thank him for everything