Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Selenski Not Guilty of Murder

But he was found guilty of 2 other charges. It sounds like the jury got it right. The Commonwealth couldn't prove he pulled the trigger but he is certainly not innocent.

WNEP: After 21 hours of deliberating, some jurors explained why they couldn't convict Selenski of killing this time, saying prosecutors failed to make their case. "We were were looking for coroborating evidence. In every situation again these, it seemed everyone on the stand were polluted sources," said juror Rich Maley. Jurors said they just couldn't believe the prosecution's witnesses, especially Pat Russin, the one who said he saw Selenski kill Adeiye Keiler and Frank James. They do believe Selenski was involved. That's why they convicted him of abusing corpses for burning the bodies.

"Evidence was missing. We had to put Hugo's finger on the trigger and I don't think any of us could do that," explained juror Ken Acron.

It's not over.

After court was dismissed Selenski was taken to a district justice's office in Luzerne County to face new murder charges for the deaths of Wyoming County pharmacist Michael Kerkowski and his girlfriend, Tammy Fassett. Their remains were also found buried in the yard where Selenski lived in the Back Mountain.


Doctor Rick said...

I think your right about them arriving at the correct verdict, however, the sensational news almost glorifies his exoneration, do many in our valley. Sick.

Truly, you cannot convict without evidence,...even if you know this guy did it. But you can at least use every morsel of your identity and media power to showcase how dangerous this guy really is instead of cutting down the prosecuter. Im ashamed of us! This guy should be behind bars and away from us all.

Then again, if he's going to clean up the streets...maybe we can get him a job as a police officer, or chief, or detective, oh baby, oh that Hugo ;)

soccermike said...

I predict he won't walk away from the next 2 bodies. If Lupas is smart they'll portray how nice and innocent Tammy was and how the other guy just made a mistake. I think they could link this one up a little easier.

Doctor Rick said...

I am impressed. The more I look at the beackground on your site I'm reminded of a Louis Voyton Bag(Is that how you spell it).

Gort said...


Fred Flamer said...

Well Ricky, at least you and I know who Louis Vuitton is. Unlike those creatins Gort and Marty. He makes some great accessories that I'm going to get you for your birthday!

BTW, have you seen Marty? The last time I saw him he was still hanging out at that biker bar. If you're hanging out there I hope to see you in chaps.

LVDem said...

well then... I'm slowly backing away.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Lupas will try to portray Fasset as being an innocent person but as far as Kerkowski being portrayed as someone who "just made a mistake" will be hard. He has a long history of improper dispensing of medication and if I'm not mistaken, he made lots of money doing so. Allegedly, a man even died of an overdose, the prescription being improperly re-filled by Kerkowski. Wasn't that what he was being charged with prior to going missing? Just another drug dealer, with a degree. Being that smart he should have known what he was doing wrong.