Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iran and the US

This is getting way out of hand and there is only one country that can end it, the United States. This is way off topic for this blog but I have spent time in the middle east and it gets to me everytime something like this happens. You will not find a bigger supporter of Israel than me. But in this latest action they have gone way overboard. The government of Lebanon in the last year or so has just kicked out the Syrians and are trying to get control of the country. Now the Israelis have blown up everything in sight. The next target is Syria and they deserve it. But it's not a good idea to expand this war.

I hate to make predictions but I think the Israelis will attack Syria and the US will use it as cover to bomb Iran. I hope I'm wrong.


Mohammad Hadi. A said...
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Mohammad Hadi. A said...

ahah nope looks like your just about right... the U.S. has been arduously looking for any excuse to get both Syria and Iran and is-Fake, i mean israel, may just about set the events that would ultimately furnish America's hegemonic plans without a doubt... if any other country did what is-Fake is doing right now, i cannot imagine it being tolerated, but is-Fake gets a license to invade a nation without warning and bomb the living hell out of it, particularly civilians (of course its not to be called terrorism, nope, because its Israel, its always been suffering from terror, it can't possibly be capapble of terrosim!, oh God no...)... certainly the deaths of 200+ innnocent lebenese civillans, who have nothing to do with Hizbullah!, somehow atones for the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hizbillah, who has btw yet to kill them and asked nothing but an exchange of many of its own soldiers still behind Israeli bars!

hurmm, something is seriously wrong with the world. I hope I'm wrong.

Marshall Darts said...

Why Wouldn't You Talk To Syria?

Condi goes all the way to the Middle East and then refuses to talk to the country that the Bush Administration says is causing all the trouble by suppling Hezbollah. Why?

Why wouldn't you talk to Syria if for no other reason than to tell them to cut it out. The only way Syria can hurt Israel is to continue to supply Hezbollah.

They couldn't stop the Israelis from flying right over their president's home. So they're obviously in no position to go to war with the Israelis.

We're missing a great opportunity to split them off from Iran.

Kashif said...

US and Israel are ready to engage Syria and Iran. This is an ultimate ploy by China and Russia to have their revenge on US. The Great Game continues.