Sunday, September 27, 2009

Don't Panic

So Penn State lost to Iowa. They always lose to Iowa. I thought that the offense was suspect after the first 3 games and it was shut down by Iowa after the first quarter and made some mistakes in the fourth that cost them the game.

Remember that in college football it's better to lose a game in September than in November. Many one loss teams have played in the Rose Bowl and for the national championship. If Penn State can win out through the rest of the schedule they will climb back in the polls. I know it's a tall order with a trip to Ann Arbor and the Buckeye's at home but it is possible.

The Phillies continue the heart attack September and this guy keeps reminding us of the 1964 collapse. The previous 3 years they were hot red hot in September but this year they are playing .500 ball because of late inning bullpen meltdowns and will probably limp into the playoffs.

The Eagles are running that funky high school offense with direct snaps to the running backs and option plays. It worked well this week as they downed the mighty KC Chiefs 34-14. All eyes were on Michael Vick but he was mostly a decoy playing only 11 snaps. Kevin Kolb threw for 327 yards and two touchdowns, LeSean McCoy had 84 yards rushing and one TD, and DeSean Jackson and Brent Celek each had 100-plus yards receiving. The defense was solid limiting Matt Cassell to just 90 yards passing and held Larry Johnson in check.

Back to Michael Vick. He committed unspeakable crimes against animals but I believe in redemption. He paid the price by going to prison and remember that there are 2 players in the NFL that were involved in the murders of human beings that are allowed to play. Mrs. G and Quincy are not so forgiving of Vick.


Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Redemption has its place, but NOT as a second chance at your former job. Mr. Vick committed unspeakable crimes against animals, and yet, because he "can" handle a football better than most, those who would otherwise tag him "excrement" cheer him on. Alas, such is the intelligence of the average sports fan. When a doctor is convicted of malpractice, he does NOT return to the operating room when leaving prison, he finds some other profession to make a living. When a teacher has a fling with a student and is released from prison, he does NOT go back into the educational field. When an accountant is convicted of embezzlement he does NOT go back into the financial world upon leaving prison. I can go on and on. In summary, students, Mr. Vick should be out somewhere cleaning locker rooms and receiving a paycheck for it. Not playing football hero. And as far as the other sordid players, of course they should not be in the NFL; but they are, all three, in the NFL simply, very simply, because they are loved by fans for their athletic talents; If Mr. Vick was the webmasters dog trainer, I do not believe we would be hearing of redemption and he most certainly would not continue to employ his services. Such is the hypocricy of liberals. Well, a very fruitful and enlightening lecture, students. Class dismissed!!

Anonymous said...

yo asshole, doctors don't go to prison for malpractice you stupid fucking idiot. and many of those who have lost malpractice cases or settled are still out there practicing. what a fuckin moronic comparison. and by using your stupid fuckind example vick did not committ a crime in his profession as the others you cited may have so go back to school, maybe you should attend class istead of dismissing it fuck was

Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

RE: Anon 5:12 p.m. Your writing is akin to a 3rd grader or best yet, a special education student. By expressing 'your' point, you have proven mine. Obviously, no SPCA donations from your thin wallet. You have my sympathies. I must prepare for todays sessions. Thank you, young man for making my day. Class dismissed!!

Anonymous said...

i apologize professor however, i am a little slow. i do have a mild case of mental retardation you stupid arrogant fuck.