Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Nipper is sueing Savo

TL: Former Luzerne County Sheriff candidate George "Nipper" Nowakowski Wednesday filed a lawsuit against recently resigned Sheriff Michael Savokinas and the county.

This gets to be more fun everyday. Nowakowski has run for Sheriff about 14 times and still can't get it through his head that the people don't want him in the job.

He has taken offence over this statement by Savo in the Times-Leader on July 15 regarding the accusation that his political enemies may have planted drugs in his car:

Though Savokinas did not implicate anyone, he said there were several confrontations with influential county figures who he said might want to see his reputation damaged.“It could be a multitude of a couple different things … to force me out of office, to ruin my name so I never win another office politically. I don’t know why.” he said. Specifically, he noted George “Nipper” Nowakowski, whom he defeated in what he termed a “bitter” 2007 Democratic primary race for his current office; former Republican Sheriff Barry Stankus, whom he beat in the general election; and Luzerne County Commissioner Chairwoman Maryanne Petrilla.

I'm not a lawyer so I don't if this statement is actionable or not but Nipper thinks it is. We will get the details tomorrow. Maybe Barry and Maryanne will want to piggy back on it since they were also named.

The Luzerne County Republican Party put out a press release earlier today calling for a special election to pick a new Sheriff and I think that would be a good idea. However state law specifies that the Governor must appoint the replacement of county row officers with the consent of the State Senate. Rapid Edward declined to nominate a new Controller when Petrilla got a promotion so I doubt he will take any action in this case. Right now Governor Rendell has a full plate trying to get a budget deal, talking to his dogs and dieting.

Another reason for Home Rule.


Anonymous said...

Rendell has a full plate keeping his face out of the limelight around here

Mean Old Man said...

As saddened as I am by the railroading of Sheriff Savokinas, I am happy to see that we also have great law enforcement (retired of not) officers the likes of ol' Nipper. Nipper is a man's man; a real chip off the old block of Uncle Sam!!! A State trooper for many years, a one time pitcher for the New York Yankees, breeder of dogs, you can't get more AMerican than that!!! Who knows, come election time maybe ol' Nipper will see fit to run for Sheriff again. It breaks my heart to see that he and Sheriff Savokinas don't get along. Maybe if the commie who runs this blog was a real American he would hold a beer summit to get these two fine gentlemen together to bury the hatchet. Fat chance!!! It would take away some good "dirty" headlines from his sordid stories. TO Hell with Gort!!!

Anonymous said...

Big Dan said...

Like I said, you need a "live ticker" like on CNN to keep up with all this stuff!

Big Dan said...

I got it! Nowakowski was the mysterious person who kept planting drugs in Savokinas' sherriff's car!

(that was a joke, please don't sue me)

Anonymous said...

Any chance we can get a Sheriff who is not a political timepiece, or someone who wants to daylight at the local grocery store?

How about someone who is not retired from another job and collecting a pension?

Perhaps we can find someone (preferably new blood) who wants to be full-time sheriff and who will take on any or all of the hacks that get in the way.

Oh yeah, I would like to see something positive come out of the Home Rule movement, though the hacks will try and torpedo that before November.