Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lidge blows yet another one

Brad Lidge came on in the 9th inning tonight with a one run lead then gave up 2 and lost the game. AGAIN. In his previous 3 appearances he gave up at least 1 run but got the save anyway. This can't continue if the Phillies hope to repeat. Last year he was great but this year it's been an adventure everytime he takes the mound. A championship team can't have a closer that is setting a record for blown saves and has an ERA over 7. The alternatives are Ryan Madson who has been shaky and Brett Myers has injury issues.

This brings back bad memories of the 1964 Phillies collapse and the 1993 Wild Thing when we all sat around with towels on our heads.

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Coal Region Voice said...


It is hard to watch but the Phillies need 11 saves in October. Maybe there are some complete games left in the starters.