Sunday, September 06, 2009

Quincy's weekend of destruction

Mrs. G reminds me that it has been 8 months of destruction.

We have so many toys laying around the house you would think that we are running a day care but that's not good enough.

Yesterday he got a hold of the trash can lid (above) and made short work of it. He also got into a laundry basket and now we are are short a pair of Mrs. G's pajamas, 3 pairs of socks, bras, underwear and many other items of clothing. When he gets a hold of something that he knows he shouldn't have he likes to show it to you so it turns into a game of chase.

With all the rain lately the Q likes to dig a hole during a cloudburst. The last time he did it was just after I cleaned the porch so when he got done digging he trashed my nice clean porch.

For the most part the Q has been a good puppy. He knows his commands, is good on a leash and behaves well when supervised. It's just when you are not paying attention that he is a menace.

For example, he just came down to the Gort42 Command Bunker and immediately grabbed an important piece of paper that I was able to get back after a few minutes. After that crises passes I relaxed and he got something else. He just went back upstairs so I locked the door behind him.

After the dirt fell off he hung around with the cat on the mud covered porch.

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Mrs. G. said...

Quincy also likes towels, magazines, newspapers and anything he can get his teeth into. However, he is very lovable. He loves to be cuddled and pet, but he is a very bold dog. He is a really good boy when he's sleeping. Sometimes I wish he would sleep more. And he's a daddy's boy.