Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The friends of Jerry Bonner

He has many of them including a fellow member of the county housing authority that got a cut of the bribe he accepted earlier this year according to the indictment. That member hasn't been named yet nor the the payer of the bribe.

Jerry was the longtime owner of the Carriage Stop Inn on Route 315 that was the top spot for Democratic candidate fundraisers "because he had the best prices" according to a past County Commissioner. The Carriage Stop burned down a few years ago on St. Patrick's Day after closing early. How many bars close early on biggest drinking day of the year is a question that should be looked into.

Rising from the ashes Jerry replaced the Carriage Stop with a gas station and convenience stop that also has a bar and 6-pack take out store. I suggested that it be renamed "The Drink n' Drive."

If my memory is right I even attended the launch of the Gregory A Skrepenak Foundation at the place. Whatever happened to that?

After hosting so many Democratic fundraisers over the years Bonner was rewarded with the office of Democratic Jury Commissioner in the 1996 election which is basically a do nothing job that pays well. He might have even earned a pension for his "service."

Jury head Bonner indicted

County jury commissioner indicted on corruption charge


Big Dan said...

Did he have anything to do with Bonner Chevrolet?

MEAN OLD MAN said...

I can't believe that the Commie who operates this site is criticizing a fine man like Mr. Bonner for being a responsible business owner on St. Paddy's night. On the night, when all of the other bars are drunking up their patrons, thereby endangering all sober drivers on the road, Mr. Bonner was pragmatic. I still do not understand why he wasn't given a medal for his heroism on the dark night when he lost his business to a fire but saved many more lives not only by cutting down on his patrons alcohol use, but by keeping them out of a building that was to become an inferno. Would Gort be happier if this fine young man had kept his establishment open and had to deal with the deaths via fire of all the patrons??? Of course, if that had happened the very subversive who criticizes Jerry for closing early would be blaming him for all of the fatalities. God Bless Jerry Bonner, Sheriff Savokinas, and Judges Ciavarella and Conahan; not to mention our Sainted Senator and President to be Santorum.

Rain Man said...


You said "How many bars close early on biggest drinking day of the year is a question that should be looked into." Well if you think there should be an investigation I would like to put to rest two rumors about that night right now. I was not resposible for the blaze. It was you who suggested that I did it in retaliation because Mr. Bonner raised the price of Killian's Red by a quarter. And others have speculated that I was trying to drink a lit shot that night and missed it. Besides I was with you and several other people that same night at Daugherty's Pub.

Anonymous said...


Big Dan said...

I actually remember, when I was the president of a golf league way back when, we had our golf league party at the Carriage Stop Inn.

Gort said...

The gambling charge was a laugh when the fudge was applied. Of course he owned the place.

Gort said...

Sorry Rain Man, there were times of that night that I didn't know your whereabouts so don't ask me for an alibi.

Anonymous said...

When Oh When is this degenerate filthy pig going to jail ? I hope he is beaten and raped daily once he arrives at the big house or better yet,he should drop dead and save the taxpayers of this county some money...JUST MY HUMBLE OPINION !

Anonymous said...

To the "Mean Old Man" Comment

You must be related to Jerry"The Pig" Bonner. Too bad the fire at the Carriage Stop Inn, which I believe was not an accident, consumed that cesspool with all his degenerate luzerne county pals,judges,lawyers,and other filth inside, it would have the best thing to happen around in its history...BTW, when oh when is this filthy pig going to jail ?