Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Maryanne and the press have been mean to me

So I Quit
Luzerne County Sheriff Michael Savokinas resigned because he doesn't like his press coverage and battles with the Luzerne County Commissioners.
I didn't know what to make of this and a friend summed it up.
This is just Savo throwing a hissy fit. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of politics, dude. The contents of his resignation letter are substantially similar to what he said at the study commission meeting last week.
A few people have told me that I put him over the edge with this last post. I doubt that.
Politics ain't beanbag. What a pussy.
Luzerne County GOP calls for special election

WILKES-BARRE Luzerne County Republican Party Chairman Terry Casey is calling on Gov. Ed Rendell to hold a special election as soon as possible to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Sheriff Michael Savokinas.

Savokinas abruptly resigned his position on Tuesday with 28 months remaining in his four-year term for the county row office.

Casey pointed to the ongoing “unrest and instability” in county government as a reason for the governor to act swiftly.

“With the current political climate and the growing mistrust and disappointment in county government, it is crucial that the position of Luzerne County Sheriff be filled by a duly elected individual,” Casey said. “Luzerne County residents deserve to be the ones who determine who will fill that crucial position.”

Casey said he hopes the governor renders a decision soon and would like to see the position placed on the ballot for the Nov. 3 election.

“It doesn’t seem right that a resigning official should be the one to determine who runs the sheriff’s office,” Casey said. “I also do not think the governor should name an interim sheriff to fill the rest of the term. As long as this position is an elected one, it is only right that the people have a say in who fills it.”


MEAN OLD MAN said...

It breaks my heart that this Commie blogger and his henchman have finally ended the career of a great law enforcement officer. I hope you're happy; GO TO HELL!!!! When will the purges of the Obama Justice Department finally end?!!!

Big Dan said...

In her resignation speech, Sarah Palin "blamed the media" for her stepping down as governor of Alaska.

Big Dan said...

Not to pick on Savokinas or Palin, but anyone who "blames the media", it's a cop-out. That implies, that you will do your job...only if the media is on your side! That's not why you should be an elected official!

James May said...

Well done on the Sue Henry Program!

Gort said...

Thanks. I love Mrs Henry, she is a class act.

Joe said...

Heard you on Sue, sounded great. I'm with you, let's write in the Yonk!

Anonymous said...

Mericles big day today

Big Dan said...

What about the part, where Savokinas said he filled out a report about his sherrif car...and the DA said he didn't? Using simple logic, one of them is lying.

just ed said...

One of them is lying Dan not in Luzerne county saw your buddys picture in time leader the fence guy his day cant be far off

Austin said...

Someone should put the stats together on people leaving county government offices in countroversie over the past couple years.

If people could see the percentage of their tax dollars that went to dishonest employees they would run to the Government Study Commission meetings.