Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conahan to plead guilty

Ciavarella still holding out.

SCRANTON - Former Luzerne County Judge Michael Conahan has signed a plea agreement with federal prosecutors to plead guilty to a single count of racketeering conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

Little Ciavarella will have a hard time taking a plea...he's so egotistical and still way in denial. he's got that napolean syndrome ya know! the little s**t!

PoorRichard said...

You guys just don't get it. Conahan is rich! They can take his license and take some property but when he gets out he will still be rich and his businesses will continue to earn while he is on an all expense paid vacation. Who knows, he might write a book and make even more money. Ciavarella on the other hand is not rich, was never rich and has to fight to protect his license. He is welcome to a job in my pizza shop whenever he wants it but pizza isn't the gold mine it once was. There is still some dough (HA) in it but not like the old days when it was 10 cents a cut and only cost 12 cents to make an entire tray. I like Ciavarella and I think if he was not friends with Conahan, he would have went on to have a great career while earning the respect of his community. I think I will give Ciavarella a pizza with shamrocks just for good luck. NO pizza for Conahan.