Tuesday, April 27, 2010

State Committee

Here is the 2nd installment of guest posts from candidates for the Republican and Democratic State Committees. The full list is on the Luzerne County website.


My name is Thomas Shubilla, candidate for Democratic State Committee. I was born, raised, and currently reside in Plains Township, attended Bishop O'Reilly High School and graduated from King's College with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications.

The question I have been asked most often is, “Why are you running for Democratic State Committee?”.

The answer is simple, because I am committed to the Democratic Party and the party's principles. I am not committed to one individual candidate. Instead I am committed to electing Democrats in the general election, and endorsing the candidates that embody principles of the party in the Democratic Primary, such a commitment to keeping the Democratic Party the party of progress, labor, and working families.

I have made 4 campaign promises, these promises I will keep-

-Increase voter participation, registration and communication

-Make informed decisions on the adoption of party resolutions and goals

-Support the socio-economic concerns of labor

-Organize the Democratic Party to better meet the needs of the people

My involvement in politics began in 2006 when I interned for the Democratic Coordinated Campaign in Wilkes-Barre. My duties were, but not limited to, office management, volunteer recruitment, voter identification, and special events coordinator. In 2008 I volunteered for Obama for America, by canvasing neighborhoods, making phone calls and serving as Staging Location Director during both the primary and general election. I was a the treasurer and assisted in the organization of Luzerne Home Rule which passed in Luzerne County with 88% of the vote. In the general election in 2009 I assisted all Democratic Candidates in their election bids.

If elected I will continue my involvement and will work hard for the Democratic Party. I am located first on the ballot and I would appreciate your vote!

Thank you for your consideration,
Thomas M. Shubilla


Anonymous said...

This is what we need some new blood in the party. Im tired of all these old characters that just keep running and running year after year and dont want anyone new. I will not vote for several of the canidates because of this and i think the posters on here call one of them mini me. I will vote for this kid.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting the people seeking state comittee post on here gort.

Anonymous said...

he looks kind of like a young Gilbert Gottfried, heyna er no?

Anonymous said...

Well I do agree about the Gilbert Gottfried resemblance, but that is not a bad thing. The bad thing is the continual re-election of Democratic Committee Rep.s based on how long they have held office. I'm speaking of candidates like Cefalo from Wyoming. We need new blood in there. So what if he looks like Gilbert Gottfried. I'd rather elect Gattfried then Cefalo. Please help this boy, and other men and women that are fresh faces to the party.

Anonymous said...

the problem is the party endorses for state committee and no one really pays attention.

Even when i was active with the local GOP both here and Montco i had no idea who the people were (in Montco i think you voted for 15 people or something.) So i voted based on what town they were from, which women had a hot name, or who had the best Irish name.

I am sure when many people are told to vote for x people many will just pick the ones on the top of the ballot (that how i won an election to be a class rep at King's, 4 people ran for 3 spots, i was listed 3 and the top 3 won(i forgot to even vote for myself)

Anonymous said...

Were here to help the people. O goody, more democrats coming to replace the old crooked ones

Pizza Pete said...

Folks, the problem isn't in the state committee, it is in the NEW Democrat candidates who get elected and then screw things up. Every time we elect a new reformer, it gets worse and worser and finally now worsest! Heck, I think I need a pizza.

The firs "new" guy we elected was Tommy Makowski followed by Vonderhide and Skrep and then Petrilla ..... this would be a good place to incert a WTF. We should all meet over a hot pizza and discuss how we can resurect the dead politicians to straighten this mess out. Gene Hudack, Joe Tirpack, Ed Weidman, Ethel Price, Helen O'Connor and a few others would make for great toppings on a county pizza. So what do we do now? Let's have a pizza party and talk it over but leave the new kids at home. NO pizza for them!

Anonymous said...

This kid is crooked like the rest of them. Him, Greg Skrepanek, Ciaverella. All of them. Vote them all out.

Anonymous said...

Tom: I sorry, I cannot support you. You remind me of Skrepenak and Vonderheid. They were both young and promised change. Instead, they ran the county into debt. Greg is on his way to jail and the other lucked out and is working for his friends at the Chamber of Business and Industry. Get a little experience before you run again.