Saturday, April 17, 2010

Derk gets endorsements

Six Elected Officials Endorse Malcolm Derk for Congress

SELINSGROVE, PA – Today, Commissioner Malcolm Derk announced the endorsement of one State Representative and five former and current County Commissioners in Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District.

State Representative Adam Harris (R-82), Snyder County Commissioner Joe Kantz, Union County Commissioner Preston Boop, Tioga County Commissioners Erick Coolidge and Mark Hamilton, and former Montour County Commissioner Harold Hurst announced today that they have endorsed the candidacy of Snyder County Commissioner Malcolm Derk for Congress.

With these endorsements, Malcolm Derk now has the support of nine State and County officials, including State Senator John Gordner, and Representatives Merle Philips and Russ Fairchild.

Three of these endorsees, Rep. Harris, Commissioner Boop, and Commissioner Kantz have worked closely with Derk throughout his tenure as Snyder County Commissioner and during his prior service as a member and President of the Freeburg Borough Council.

Regarding his endorsement, Representative Harris said, “I have known Malcolm for a long time. He has the values that we desperately need in Washington. He will stand strong against government bailouts, massive government takeover bills, and will represent the people, not special interests.”

“I have worked with Malcolm Derk everyday for two years and I am certain that he is the right person for this job,” said Joe Kantz. “He is the only person running who has balanced budgets, refused to raise taxes, and has had the courage to say no to corporate bailouts. While other candidates talk about being fiscally conservative, Malcolm has a proven record.” Kantz added, “Washington DC needs someone like Malcolm Derk. He is someone who favors smaller government and has conservative values.”

“As a commissioner, I am humbled to have the support of these six individuals,” Derk said. “Representative Harris and Commissioners Boop, Kantz, Coolidge, Hamilton, and Hurst represent the best in government leadership and I will work hard every day to represent the citizens of PA’s 10th district as well as these leaders have represented their constituents.”


Anonymous said...

No post - equals no interest. Reflection of how unimportant they are in the process. Quite honestly I think these endorsements are downright harmful. If you're running as a change candidate, you don't want linkage to the establishment. Further, with the environment being so anti government - particulary on the right - this is a dumb move.

Marino, who is the establishment pick - look at who gave him money - is smart enough not to play the roll in public.

Anonymous said...

Probably a nice guy, but did anyone teach him how to wipe his ass yet?