Sunday, April 25, 2010

State Committee

I keep running into people who are running for the Democratic and Republican state committees and have invited them to write up something for the readers of Gort42. There is a slew of candidates running in these under the radar races and you can see the full list on the Luzerne County website.

All candiates are invited to send along a guest post. Here is the first offering.

My name is Jane Waitkus and I am running for a position on the Democratic State Committee during the May 18 primary election. My husband and I live in Mountain Top.

My family came to Luzerne County about one hundred years ago from Eastern and Central Europe. My grandparents were not wealthy people, but they were willing to work hard to improve their lives. My grandfathers were coal miners, and my grandmothers worked long hours running family boarding houses and caring for their children. I have been blessed with educational opportunities not even imagined by my grandparents, and I am employed at Penn State Hazleton. This spring I am teaching an American Studies class on Anthracite coal mining.

If I am fortunate enough to win one of the positions on the Democratic State Committee, I will do my best to represent ordinary working-class Democrats. I will be accessible to all Democrats in Luzerne County and will hold meetings several times a year in order to listen to thoughts and concerns. For many years in Luzerne county-going back to the coal barons-the wealthy, the powerful, and the well-connected have been the only voice heard in Harrisburg. It is time for that to change.

The Democratic State Committee positions are unpaid. If elected, I will spend my own money to attend meetings several times a year in Harrisburg. There is no reimbursement for travel. One of the responsibilities of the position is to help identify candidates to run for statewide office-what a great opportunity to open up the party to Democrats from all walks of life.

In Luzerne County there is a long list of candidates running for a slot on the Democratic State Committee, and my name is next to the bottom of the list on the ballot. I humbly ask all registered democratic voters in Luzerne County to look for my name on the ballot and vote for me.

Thank you,

Jane Waitkus

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Anonymous said...

I will take voting for Jane in cosideration. I looked at a few of the canidates and I will not vote for Ceffallo and will not vote for that Paul Maher guy. Maher is apart of the problem with the Democratic party. How many things does this guy want.