Sunday, April 04, 2010

Vacation this week

Happy Easter everyone.

I don't know if I will posting less or more because I some time on my hands. Mrs. G has a long 'honey do' list for me and the weather is supposed to be great. I plan on doing some dog training in addition to getting my outside work done.

The only place we will be visiting is Porchville and will be watching Baseball! Our long national nightmare (5 months) is over and the national pastime will resume this evening. Although I agree with Dana who said "My biggest pet peeve is that baseball has ended the tradition of the first game on opening day being the first Cincinnati Reds game. That, to me, is sacrilege."

Well said my friend. Part of the reason I like College Football and Major League Baseball is the history and traditions. But every year they do something else to screw it up.

This might be the year that I get my dream World Series.

Go Phillies and Red Sox!

Update: The Red Sox win 9-7

The Reddddddddd Soxxxxxxxxx win!

Bite me John Sterling.


Big Dan said...

"Mrs. G has a long 'honey do' list for me"

You're married????????????

Forrest Gump said...

Listen GORT, I believe it was last year and the Red Sox won the first nine from the Yankees during the course of the season. How did that end up? Fortunately for me, it will be the Yankees and the Phillies again in the World Series and hopefully the Phillies will win it this time.

On another note, how about Donovan McNabb going to the Redskins? I believe this is another stupid trade for the Eagles. Not that they got rid of McNabb, but the fact that they traded him to another team within the NFC East. Mark my words, this WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT THE EAGLES!!!

David Yonki said...

Tradition in college football? Watching a bunch of people you never heard of and don't know! C'mon. Now baseball I agree. But it slays me how people get so fired up over say UCLA when they've never been there and have no connection to it.

Anonymous said...

Its kinda like being enthralled with LuLac land having never been there.

Pizza Pete said...

I plan to vacation in LuLac Land this year. I understand that fishing season will be extended to shooting political fish in a barrel. Can't wait!