Sunday, April 25, 2010

Five years of blogging

I don't want to get into too much navel gazing but just want to say Thank You for visiting and commenting on Gort42. This is getting harder to do because of family and career obligations so I don't write about all the things I want to. It's a hobby and I refuse to put advertising on the site so I don't make any money from it not that anyone can actually make a living writing about local politics on the Internet. Just when I think of hanging it up I run into my fan club at an event like the Specter rally on Friday. You people keep me going.

Since I started this there must have been a 100 sites that popped up devoted to local politics that disappeared after a short time. We have a hard core of people that have toughed it out that keep tapping away and were recognized in newspaper stories recently. Forgive me for not linking to you all but I'm sure I would omit someone. See the sidebar.

We are truly fortunate to have a couple of local newspapers with great reporters that give us fodder to write about everyday. W-B/Scranton is one of the few markets left in the USA with competing papers. I have occasionally broke a story but our local press do it everyday.

The Blogfather put together this video a few years ago.

I'm tempted to bill the Kentucky Derby get together as the Gort 42 birthday/Blogiversary Party. I will need the permission of Pope George Ringo to do that.


Teri said...

If you were not here you would be sorely missed. You tell it like it is, you are a great wordcrafter and since there is so much BS going around, it is refreshing to hear your voice in the crowd..
I suspect that you will meet with great sucess WHEREVER you choose to share your talent.

Teri Teada VanBritsom

Stephen Albert said...

It's as simple as this: You are an asset to the community (and not just the virtual one) Gort. You do good work and I hope there are many more years of it to come.

By the way, I busted a gut when I saw the "Free Hugo" tee shirt. Very, very well done!

D.B. Echo said...

Congratulations on keeping it up for five years!

Pope George Ringo said...

His Holiness grants dispensation. The Saturday meeting will now officially be observed as The Gort 42 birthday/Blogiversary Party.
This dispensation, however, is valid only for this singular occasion. Next year, the gathering shall revert to its traditional name.
Bless You.

Skucker said...

Congratulations on the anniversary. Keep up the good work!

Big Dan said...

The greatest video of all time:

TeaBagger Meltdown

Watch it THREE times.

Big Dan said...

Gort: as Stephen Albert says, you are an ASS to the community.


Big Dan said...


Joe V said...

Gort - Keep up the good work:-)
Joe V

Pizza Pete said...

There can be no doubt of the effort it takes to stay with this effort for a five year run. Yep, many have come and most have gone but Gort42 and your sister site LuLac are two blogs that keep it professional, no kindergarten name calling and you both do it without the $$$ incentive. I feel a heavy obligation to endow you with a celebratory pizza with the topping of your choice. Your keeping at this is no small task and I'm sure there were days when you forced your self to even sit at your keyboard. I don't like flowers but pizza is special and I think you truly deserve the People's Choice Pizza to honor your efforts. Hang in there pepperoni, your the topping for me.