Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joe Biden visit Friday

If you want to see our always colorful Vice President who is never at a loss for words on Friday at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Airport you will need a ticket. They can be obtained at the Arlen Specter Scranton office today and tomorrow located at 520 Spruce St, 2nd floor in Biden's hometown of Scranton between 10AM and 5PM. The rally will be in one of the hangers just follow the signs and look for lots of law enforcement types. Doors open at 12:30PM and the program is scheduled to start at 2PM but they always run late. This is a BFD.

Update from Herself: For folks from Luzerne County and other areas who can't make it to Scranton there will be a ticket pickup for Friday's event in Wilkes-Barre as well:

TIME: 12pm to 6pm

Specter's Democratic primary opponent was in Wilkes-Barre yesterday saying small businesses should have greater access to federal contracts decrying the influence of big business in the US Senate. Joe Sestak slammed Specter

CV: "I believe that the Democratic establishment in Washington, D.C., supported by the Democratic establishment in Harrisburg, got off track when it felt it had to make a political deal with Arlen Specter so he could try to keep his job because he couldn't win in the Republican primary," Sestak said.

Sestak finally dipped into his $5 Million warchest to go up on the the air with this bio ad

Specter had 2 positive ads running over the weekend but now is up with a spot that starts off calling Sestak Captain Queeg. If I didn't know better I would think that Capitol Ideas helped write the script. What about the strawberry's? Then he accuses him of being AWOL from Congress. Specter has switched to the Dems but this ad is out of the Karl Rove playbook. Attack your opponent's strength. Just like Bush tore down John Kerry's military service Specter is trying to do the same to Sestak.


D.B. Echo said...

If the Dems didn't learn a few things from Karl Rove, they're completely doomed.

Anonymous said...

Questions we should ask:

Why is Specter not running on his record - but instead trashing his opponent?

Is 127 missed votes only 5% - which means he made over 2,200?

Was the description used for his separation from the Navy political because he spoke up about ways to reduce the number of personal needed to accomplish the same tasks and goals?

AS is running scared and will have to burn a lot of money to win the primary - which is far from a sure bet. This, plus the current environment gives Toomey a very good chance of winning in November.

Conventional wisdon tells us Toomey would rather face Sestak, but I'm not so sure.

Anonymous said...

I find it pretty weak for Arlen to be going negative on Joe. This is a guy who switched parties not even a year ago and is already going negative sounds like a Republican to me. I cant vote for someone who voted for Bush twice Mccain and embarassed Anita Hill.

Pizza Pete said...

OK, what's the truth? Did Sestak get fired from his job as Admiral of the fleet or was his term up? I want the truth so where do I find it? If I had the time to get out of this darn pizzaa shop I would find the answer my self. A pizza to the first one who can prove the truth.

Tony Thomas said...

He was not removed from his position as admiral. What he was removed from was his job as chief of naval operations. He was reassigned to a different duty. When he retired from the Navy he was not a Vice Admiral long enough to be able to retire at that rank which is why he had to retire at a lower rank.

Pizza Pete said...

I didn't know you had to have a certain amount of time in rank in order to retire at that rank, What is te time required? So was removed from the position as being incompetent, because he planned to retire or normal rotation of duty? You're close to that pizza Tony.

Austin said...

Tony Thomas said...

According to the Navy's retirement regulations there is a minimum amount of time one must serve in a rank before they can retire at that rank. It looks like the minimum time depends on the pay grade of the higher rank. The higher pay grades have longer minimum times so it looks like Sestak, because of his removal and subsequent retirement, did not serve long enough at a hire rank.