Sunday, April 18, 2010

Senate candidates coming to town

Congressman Joe Sestak will be in Wilkes-Barre tomorrow for a seminar on how to get more pork.

Joe will join members of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre business community to describe how he will work to bring more federal funding to Northeast Pennsylvania as the state's next U.S. Senator. Joe's opponent, 30-year Senator Arlen Specter, has made his ability to obtain earmarks for Pennsylvania projects the hallmark of his campaign, but Specter has lost his seniority and actually brought back less funding to the Commonwealth than first-term Senator Bob Casey in Casey's first year.

In his District, Joe has demonstrated other ways to win federal resources. As one example, Joe will bring to the event businessman Ed Brill, founder of Brill Worldwide Investments (BWWI). Through Joe's Business Procurement Summit, Ed has helped Pennsylvania small businesses win more than $13 million in federal contracts.

The event is Monday, April 19th at 1:00pm at The Innovation Center at Wilkes:

The Innovation Center at Wilkes
7 S. Main Street
2nd Floor (above the Barnes & Noble Store)
Wilkes Barre, PA 18701

On Friday Vice President Joe Biden will be at the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Airport for a rally to support the Pork King himself Senator Arlen Specter. I don't have all the details yet but I'm told many local Democratic officials will attend including Congressman Kanjorski

I hope to make this event because it's not everyday that the Vice-President of the United States comes to town. It's a Big Fucking Deal!

Yes Health Care Reform is a BFD. Just ask this guy who was rejected for health insurance because he has a pre -existing condition.

Geisinger TV rep can’t get a Geisinger policy

“Our decision to decline your application for insurance was based on the following reasons: STROKE,” the letter stated. “According to the non-group underwriting standards and guidelines, the above mentioned condition is disqualifying.”


Pizza Pete said...

Yeah and this same jerk said he is not in favor of Health Reform. Apparently he doesn't understand that Obama Care would have forced Geisinger to enroll him in an affordable health insurance program.
No pizza for him!

Anonymous said...

Most people are ignorant of some of the provisions in the health care plan that protects you and makes it a reasonable cost. How republicans can rail against a provision that would give this guy health insurance is beyond me. Same with extending your kid's coverage until they are 26 on your family policy. I have a kid who is dropped from my policy because she is 22, but is still in college. Price coverage on the open market lately? And young people as a whole rarely use their insurance- And that's a fact. But the insurance companies still gouge on price in that age group because they aren't "in group policies". Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

You people who continue to pine for free lunch are lack a fundemental understanding of markets - or you're socialists.

Try to process this: Health Insurance costs $400 per month for an individual - the penalty for not having it is $100. You pay the penalties (save $300 a month,not bad) until you get cancer, and then you buy health insurance. Insurance company can't stop you because underwriting risk is illegal. What happens - insurance companies stop offering insurance to individuals - so the market DISAPPEARS. The only entity who will write this insurance - Government - remember the high risk groups they've endorsed!

You people who don't understand market responses make me sick - pun intended. You think insurance plans want to deny coverage because they are "mean" or want to make "a lot of money". Fact is they can't survive if there is no underwriting.

This is the backdoor option the progressives put in place - kinda feels like a trojan horse - and this populas is asleep as well.

Pizza Pete said...

3:30 You need some sleep or a nice hot pizza. Blue Cross of NE PA have increased their rates simply because they can. They have a huge surplus and that's after they have given their top management and Board Members every perk in the book including prive gold club memberships. The only reason for the last major inrease was to keep the poor slobs who pay for it used to paying more and more. Kinda like the oil companies who increase gas 20 cents a gallon within a few days simply because they can. No pizza for you, you makea me sick!

Anonymous said...

BC Surplus is equal to 6 months of premiums - not huge by any standard. Agree they pay their top management too much and it is not a "clean" group of directors (Mellow is a great example).

So you're advocating the Government set prices for gas - nationalize the oil companies - there is this jerk in Venezuela who did that and look at what happen to their economy. Many don’t like capitalism because some people get rich and lazy bums like you are jealous. It is not a perfect system, but it rewards INDIVIDUALS for hard work and risk taking.

I’d be willing to bet, Pizza Pete, you've never created a job, made a payroll or paid taxes. But sure know how everything can work better and have all the answers. My dad had a saying for guys like you – Often wrong, but never in doubt.

Anonymous said...

Pizza dickhead. There is nothing in the Obamacare plan that caps premiums. This guy is eligible for Cobra. He can't afford it, I would bet you fat pizza chomping ass that if the mandate to buy was in place,and the preexisting shit was already law, the plan they would offer would cost more than cobra. Take you pizza and shove it up your asss.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, did you see Yonk's rant on Monday morning? He totally went off the rails on Geisinger!

Anonymous said...

632- So what risk did that gas station take? The price of a barrel of oil goes up 5 bucks today- Tomorrow morning gas is up 5 cents a gallon, and that gas has nothing to do with the new oil price. Can you spell gouging? And yeah, the big risks you take- Who's on your payroll, part-time, minimum-wage, no-benefits workers? Or Mexican day workers you pay small cash to? You're really someone to look up to.