Monday, February 20, 2012


Blogger recently decided to use the captcha system to verify and annoy commenter's on this site and the rest of the world of scribes that uses Blogger. It is commonly used on many commercial sites such as Ticketmaster that has frustrated me when I'm trying to buy something. Please don't tell Dan Mueser that I buy things online. The regulars over at LuLac are bitching about it and I have received remarks on why this used to be such a great forum for discussion but has slacked off lately so that may part of it. The old word verification worked just fine in my opinion in keeping the spammers away. Occasionally one or two spam comments would slip through but was immediately deleted as soon as I spotted it.

In the past I have taken the word verification off but then got swamped by the spammers. So you have live with it my dears readers and would be commenter's like the new Facebook Timeline requirement that makes it harder to read your friends updates.

Change is not always good but it is the only constant.

The alternative the Yonk came up with

It appears my blogger set up is asking for multiple verifications. Sometimes this can be frustrating. I tried it the other day on Gort 42 and gave up. If you are having a posting problem, e mail me through the blog, or at my e mail address or my Facebook Page. Here’s the link: Just put in the message line or Facebook message: “For LuLac posting”. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I also got shot down on LuLac so you can always email me at or Facebook!/gort.fortytwo

Death to spammers.


JimboBillyBob said...

It's a horrible system for submitting comments. More often than not, one of the two words is unintelligible (the one with the black splotch behind the letters).

The instructions are piss-poor for folks not familiar with the system. For instance: You aren't told to leave a space between the words. The option to refresh for a new choice of words isn't identified.

But mostly it's the unintelligible words that gives people fits. I imagine those with a visual impairment must go nuts trying to deal with this. It took me 13 refreshes to find a pair of words I could read. If this comment makes the trip, I was successful. There won't be a 14th attempt tonight.

D.B. Echo said...

I believe this is using the ReCaptcha system. The unintelligible words are not malicious; they're actually words that triggered a "WTF?" response in an optical scan of some ancient text into a digital storage system.

"Scanned text is subjected to analysis by two different optical character recognition programs; in cases where the programs disagree, the questionable word is converted into a CAPTCHA. The word is displayed along with a control word already known. The system assumes that if the human types the control word correctly, the questionable word is also correct."

Still, I've seen scanned words that are, seriously, WTF-ish.

ReCaptcha words:

harldnd Pharm.

Mean Old Man said...

It's just you trying to make it difficult for an old man to print the actual truth. I'm not that much of a dimwit like my two deadbeat sons! Drop Dead!!!!