Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Steve Urban is not running for Congress

Former Republican Luzerne County Commissioner now Democratic Luzerne County Council member was circulating petitions for a possible run in the newfangled 17th Congressional district but it looks like he either decided not to file or more probably didn't get at least 1000 Democrats to sign them. Urban has run for Congress before as a Republican and for Lt. Governor and State Senator. After his last race that he lost to John Yudichak he got miffed and switched party's because the local Republicans wouldn't sign on or help him financially in his long shot State Senate bid. The local Republicans put their efforts into winning the Congressional race and the Governor's contest that paid off. Urban has never been able to raise much money for his campaigns and probably won as the 3rd wheel of county government in past contests and rode his name recognition to a seat on the new county council.

That leaves sort of incumbent Tim Holden who is trying to introduce himself to most of the people of the new 17th Congressional District versus Democrat Matt Cartwright from Moosic.

The only Republican to make the ballot is Laureen Cummings who started off running for US Senate.

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