Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mark Harris for Delegate

Anyone who is running for delegate to the Republican or Democratic Conventions is welcome to send along their announcement and I will publish it. I ask that you don't send PDF files (hard to work with) but a Word document or put it in the body of an email.

Mark J. Harris a CONSISTENT CONSERVATIVE, is seeking Delegate to the National
Republican Convention.

Mark J. Harris, A resident of Snyder County and in the 10th Congressional District, has announced his intention to seek the position of delegate to the Republican National Convention. 2012 promises to be a historic year in Republican politics. Mark said, “Some political pundits say the possibility exists that if no one candidate wins a majority of delegates, a vote to determine the nominee may come to the floor of the national convention. This is the year we Republicans need a consistent conservative to represent the voters of the 10th Congressional
district.” Mark has been a constant advocate for the protection of life, sanctity of marriage and the family, for second amendment freedoms and for smaller, less intrusive and transparent government

Mark is a small business owner residing in Snyder County, PA. Mark has held various positions within the Republican Party; serving as county chairman and as a coordinator on numerous campaigns. Most recently he has served as Agricultural Coalition Regional Advisor to Elect Tom Corbett Governor.

For more information visit his website at

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