Saturday, February 25, 2012

State Rep candidates petitions challenged

It looks like that the election for the Pennsylvania state legislature will use the districts in place since 2001 but that could change. The Legislative Reapportionment Commission made a total hash of the process by waiting too long to approve new maps that were thrown out out by the PA Supreme Court. Drawing new maps and allowing for the public comment period then challenges would push the primary beyond April 24th. One option would to have the federal primary on that date and then have a separate primary for state offices later. That would be confusing and expensive and not even the Republican leaders in Harrisburg want to do that.

Senate GOP leader: Not practical to postpone election for redrawing of districts

Republican Pete Mailloux of Mountaintop circulated petitions based on the new map but if the 2001 district lines are used he doesn't live in the 121st HD now represented by Democrat Eddie Day Pashinski. According to the PA Dept of State his petitions are being challenged by Louis Lau.

The surprise in the 120th HD was Asst. Luzerne County DA Frank McCabe filed to take on Phyllis Mundy in the Democratic primary. His petitions are being challenged by Charles Jackson and Anthony Perzia. Both candidates are from Kingston so there is no residency issue. Aaron Kaufer is the only Republican on the ballot.

I asked Phyllis Mundy what she thought of a primary challenge. Her response:

I welcome all challengers. I am confident that my hard work and dedication to the best interests of the average, hard working citizen in my district and in Pennsylvanian will win me reelection.

Always classy, that's why she is my 2nd favorite state rep.

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Anonymous said...

Lou Lau is a crony for Mayor Leighton. He's been working in city hall for some time now