Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Dem running in the 10th CD

"I'm not Chris Carney. I won't run as a Republican."-John R. Moran

John Moran of Williamsport joins Phil Scollo in the race to be the Democratic nominee to oppose Republican Tom Marino in the 10th Congressional District.

The Daily Review and the Daily Item have profiles of him.

He is a retired union guy running as an unapologetic Democrat who is opposed to fracking.

Moran said Marino has lacked accomplishments in Congress and he criticized him for co-sponsoring a bill that would "end Medicare as we know it." ...In fact, Moran said he thinks Medicare should be expanded, so that anyone who had the money to pay the premiums could participate in it...Moran said he opposes giving private companies the power of eminent domain, which is occurring locally in the natural gas industry in the installation of gas transmission pipelines.

Looking at Marino's Congressional record made him laugh, Moran said. "What's he done? He has authored a bill, as yet unpassed, that would outlaw earmarks. One issue per bill. That's the best he can do, with our deficits and job losses in the region?"

It all comes down to fairness, he explained.

"I've been lucky in my life," Moran said. "I pay 30 percent of my income in taxes. The Republican front-runner is paying 14 percent and he's a multi-millionaire. The tax code has to be made more equitable and if I get to Congress, I'll fight for that."

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