Friday, February 10, 2012


State Young Democrats Stand Firm with the Former Prosecutor and Iraq War Veteran

On behalf of over half-a-million young Democrats in the Commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Young Democrats have overwhelmingly voted to endorse Patrick Murphy as their choice for Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

“Patrick Murphy has distinguished himself as a unique leader capable of executing the duties of Pennsylvania Attorney General” said PAYD president W. Anthony Youngblood, “due to his extraordinary record of honorable achievement in both law and public service we believe Patrick Murphy is the candidate best suited to deliver a win for Democrats this November.”

In response to the PAYD endorsement, Murphy said “It’s very simple. The youth vote will determine the outcome of the 2012 elections here in Pennsylvania.”

Murphy went on to say that “without a strong youth vote, we have no chance of stopping the Republican extremists from continuing their destructive agenda in Harrisburg.”

“That’s why I’m so honored to earn the support of the Pennsylvania Young Democrats. Their passion and dedication has helped galvanize young voters who increasingly understand what’s at stake in these elections, thanks to the hard work of PAYD.”

The Pennsylvania Young Democrats is the official youth-branch of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

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