Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mailloux and McCabe out

Pete Mailloux is a casualty of the hash that the Harrisburg Republican's made of reapportionment. A W-B city employee challenged his petitions because he doesn't live in the 121st HD. Mailloux conceded the point and dropped out of the race. Barring a 3rd party or Independent candidate getting enough signatures by August 1st Democratic incumbent Eddie Day Pashinski will be the only name on the ballot in November.

On the west side Dem Asst. DA Frank McCabe only got 325 signatures on his petitions that were challenged by Charles Jackson of West Wyoming and Anthony Perzia of Luzerne. The rule of thumb is to get twice as many signatures than you need to ward off challenges because there will always be something wrong. In a state rep race you need 300 but it's harder than you think to gather them especially when you get a late start. McCabe decided not to fight his way on to the ballot. It's doubtful a 3rd party candidate will get into this race as Libertarian Tim Mullen who ran last time was at Republican Aaron Kaufer's kickoff event and the local Greens want to save the world but can't field candidates in local elections. Right now it looks like long time Democratic incumbent Phyllis Mundy will face Young Republican Aaron Kaufer in the fall.

Area House hopefuls pull petitions

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